nikon steadies the shaking in golf rangefinders - laser distance rangefinder

by:UMeasure     2020-01-09
nikon steadies the shaking in golf rangefinders  -  laser distance rangefinder
When it comes to calculating the distance and danger to the golf course target, I rely on GPS whenever and wherever.
Oh, of course, the handheld range is better than the GPS device in terms of precise distance.
After all, the built-in GPS device-
The cart screen usually provides the distance to the middle, front and back of the Green-
Pin position relative to accuracy--
They are only available if you can drive the carts directly to your ball.
Yes, you can also download the golf GPS app to your smartphone so you can pass the distance.
However, they tend to quickly drain the battery life of their phones during the course.
They are still unable to provide an accurate distance.
So why do I use GPS instead of holding rangfinders?
Because I shake. Badly.
If you 've ever tried to lift a handheld range machine to your eyes and even have a slight vibration, you know the device is very useless.
But my whole approach and perspective changed this week.
I got shaking hands on Nikon's brand new COOLSHOT 80i VR golf Laser range, which uses optical noise reduction technology.
Elevator pitching: it compensates for the weakness of the body that is completely stationary.
The boy did a good job.
I took it out and tested objects as thin as a flagpole and as wide as a stop sign ---
A few hundred yards away.
It locks the distance in half a second.
I found the number of yards very accurate.
The company said that this is because when the laser range machine is turned on, the Optical VR will start immediately, so there is no extra time to switch between settings.
Press and hold the button to scan continuously for 8 seconds. The device --
Only 5 lbs.
6 oz, but with enough substance, you can feel it thankfully ---
Carry an effective measurement range between 8 and 1,000 yards, showing the measurement results. 1-Code increment.
This telescope also has a steady effect, so even when I shake, it will appear through the lens, making me feel that everything is perfect.
Don't underestimate this feature because it means I can stay better aligned and find my goals faster and easier.
Other useful features: locking technology and first target priority mode.
When you measure overlapping topics-
Think of the flagpole with a tree behind it. -
The device flashes a "lock" flag to let you know that it is reading the target distance closer to you.
The displayed distance can also compensate for uphill and downhill to get a more realistic number of playable yards.
According to the USGA rules, this feature must be disabled during the tournament.
And it's easy.
The device is compact in structure and has a grip function of textured rubber armor, and feels very comfortable.
And it's waterproof.
In addition, it comes with a box that can be easily stored in a golf bag.
The unit costs $450.
As the holiday approaches, I believe this is a great gift for golfers.
Especially those that shake slightly.
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