nikon debuts nexiv vmr-h3030 video measuring tool. - digital laser measuring tool

by:UMeasure     2020-01-12
nikon debuts nexiv vmr-h3030 video measuring tool.  -  digital laser measuring tool
Nikon Instruments, Melville, N.
Y is the world leader in microscope and advanced digital imaging technology, launching VMR-
The H3030 is the latest model in the NEXIV series measuring instruments.
NEXIVVMR, the fastest and most accurate video measurement tool-
The H3030 offers unparalleled resolution and extended range of work. The VMR-
The H3030 was built as the main instrument of the laboratory.
It offers superior measurement and versatility through the latest release of VMR-
The Z120X maximum amplification module is a dual optical system that provides magnification ranging from 36 x to 4, and 320X.
This advanced optical system provides a wide range of solutions from semiconductor wafer applications to mechanical geometric features.
The test of confidence is to maximize VMR-
The H3030 provides phase resolution enhanced to 0. 01 (micrometer)
And wideillumation options to ensure accurate detection of the edges of complex parts.
From complex and demanding measurement tasks to simple search, VMR-
The H3030 is equipped with advanced technology to manage awide-
Includes the exclusive scope of inspection duties of nexiv-the-lens (TTL)
The laser focusing system allows the user to take full advantage of the powerful optical system, scan at 1,000 points per second on the complex profile of 3D precision parts, as well as the 15 x Telecenter zoom system, which helps at low
Users of nexiv vmr system-
Friendly interactive Measurement Wizard for software features, each operator can be customized for future use.
The intelligent search function eliminates possible measurement errors and multiple
Mode search function for automatic correction partto-
The change of the part and the deviation of the expected edge feature position.
NEXIV also has a pattern matching measurement system that determines the coordinate values of features that are too difficult to measure in normal Geometric measurement mode.
About Nikon Instruments
Nikon Instruments
Leading the world in microscopy and advanced digital imaging technology, committed to providing customers with high-quality products for biological science research and industrial applications; high-
Performance of semiconductor wafer processing and inspection equipment;
And advanced highspeed, vision-
Measurement tools based on and optical.
For more information, please visit or call 800-52-
Nikon or 973/376-9300.
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