new rifle developed at picatinny could solve age-old problem of combat - laser range meter

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new rifle developed at picatinny could solve age-old problem of combat  -  laser range meter
While it can't fire bullets around the corner, a new weapon developed at Picatinny Arsenal can fire explosive bullets close enough to kill hidden enemies.
If the military does, shoulder-held rifle —
With its programmable ammunition, it is called the XM25 anti-fire target warring system-
According to an official at Picatinny, the company may be limited in use in 2012.
In the past 10 years, military equipment-researchers from Piccadilly
The development base in the town of Rocca has been working to solve a problem that has always been a thorn in the eye of military planners.
"What we do is we always deprive that person of his ability to seek cover.
We don't actually need to hit him.
We can let him fly over and explode . "Col.
Christopher Perry, four years old.
A veteran of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, he is the manager of Arsenal's individual weapons program.
By firing bullets that can explode in nearly half the distancemile, the 12½-
Pound rifle has the potential to solve an era
Old deficiencies of individual guns: there needs to be a target within sight in order to remove it.
"Hundreds, even thousands, of years, is the way soldiers fight each other with weapons systems," Lehner said . ".
"Whether it's a musket ball or a rifle bullet, the moment a person is behind a rock, tree or wall, his direct reaction to you is a little unaffected --fire weapon.
"The Ministry of Defense approved funds last fall to budget $0. 27 billion for weapons research and development and production in four years.
A military historian and lecturer in the United StatesS.
Army War Academy captain
Steven nott said that xml 25 will reduce the risk of soldiers being fired by eliminating the need to relocate to attack hidden enemies.
But, Nott added, how is the game
Changing weapons depends on several factors.
"Unless this weapon system is incorporated into local theories, procedures and tactics, it will not be revolutionary," said Nott . ".
"This is where rubber meets the road.
"According to military experts, this weapon will come in handy when enemy snipers are strategically embedded. Well-
A separate gunner is located at a steep canyon window or high and can lock multiple soldiers at a time to prepare for the situation, A team of nine soldiers will include a soldier carrying the XM25, which weighs a few pounds more than a similar machine gun.
Using the Laser range and thermal sight to help identify the location of the sniper, the soldier can program the bullet blast up to 700 (766 yards)
Accuracy within 3 feet of the point of laser recognition.
Lehner said the debris from the subsequent explosion would be similar to a traditional grenade between 12 and 15 m, but the effective accuracy, speed and range of the bullet would be much larger.
"If the guy shot us from the window in a room, lehner said:" We'll guess we're going to fire our bullets through the window and it's going to explode in the middle of the room, shrapnel will hit him. ".
According to Lehner, the ideal machine for each round of the new rifle costs between $30 and $60, and the weapon costs nearly $25,000, but he says it will be cost-
This is valid considering the higher price tag associated with the use of artillery, mortar or missile.
Picatinny's engineers are currently carrying out various explosions for the x25, including non-fatal tearinggas, and armor-and door-
He said.
Soldiers like Sgt
Joe Pace, 31, from Somerset
Iraqi tour veterans, weapons like this will provide troops with the opportunity to remove insurgents from buildings or other obstacles and strike the enemy without being exposed to enemy firepower.
It also provides an alternative that can be hit with mortar or cannon --
Even if it is accurate, it will produce more and less
Control the explosion and expose civilian onlookers to shrapnel.
"So this can be very effective, especially in urban wars," as well as in Afghanistan.
You can shoot caves there, says pace.
"This is an ideal machine.
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