new graphene-based sensor can detect single molecule of explosives - laser light measurement device

by:UMeasure     2019-10-19
new graphene-based sensor can detect single molecule of explosives  -  laser light measurement device
Alexander dorofco of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology said: "Graphene spaser can be used to design a compact spectral measurement device that can detect individual molecules of substances (MIPT).
A new study has found that "magic materials" graphene may be ideal for developing plasma lasers or solutions to spas that can even detect individual molecules of explosive materials and toxic chemicals.
Spaser is a device similar to a laser that works the same way.
However, in order to produce radiation, the emitted particles are the surface plasma, not the photons produced by the laser.
"Graphene spaser can be used to design compact spectral measuring devices that can detect individual molecules of matter, which is critical for many potential applications," said Alexander dorofco ,", moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).
This sensor can detect organic molecules based on the characteristic vibration transition of organic molecules ('fingerprints')
, When the emitted/absorbed light falls into the mid-infrared region, this is exactly the graphene-
It is based in spaser, "said dorofico.
Scientists have long been fascinated by the potential application of a quasi-particle called plasma excitation, a quantum of plasma oscillation.
In the case of solids, the plasma is an oscillation of free electrons.
Particularly interesting is the effect of interaction with the surface of the plasma-
It is usually in the background of metal or semi-metal because they have a higher free electron density.
Using these effects can bring about high
Accurate electronic and optical systems.
One possibility of the plasma effect opening is the subwave long light focusing, which increases the sensitivity of the plasma device to the point where it is possible to distinguish individual molecules.
This measurement is beyond any routine (classical)
Optical devices that can be realized.
However, because of the resistance, the plasma experience in the metal quickly loses energy, so they are not self-
They need constant incentives.
Scientists are trying to solve the problem by using composites with predetermined structures, including graphene. graphene.
Although plasma devices seem to be an exciting prospect from the beginning, in order to take advantage of them, it is necessary to first understand whether the technology behind them is feasible.
In order to do this, scientists must find the relevant quantum
Mechanical equation
The researchers developed and solved the necessary equations, which enabled them to develop a quantum model to predict the behavior of graphene plasma.
So scientists describe how the surface works. plasmon-LEDs (SPED)
And the nano-plasma counterpart of the laser
Called spaser-
Its structure involves graphene layers.
The study was published in the journal Physical Review.
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