nasa scientists to survey unexplored stretch of antarctic ice - laser measuring instrument

by:UMeasure     2019-10-21
nasa scientists to survey unexplored stretch of antarctic ice  -  laser measuring instrument
Washington: Two NASA members (NASA)
Scientists will start 750.
Explore one of the most barren landscapes on Earth on a kilometer trip to the undeveloped area of the Antarctic ice.
On December 21, they will start two of them-to-three-
NASA says a week passes through an arc around the Antarctic.
The expedition will eventually make the best assessment of the accuracy of data collected from space by ice clouds and land-elevation satellites2 (ICESat-2)
According to NASA, the satellite will be launched on 2018.
Their packaging is very cold.
Meteorological equipment and scientific instruments on two tanks sled
NASA says it's like a snow machine called "PistenBullys. With a fast-
ICESat-launch laser instrument
2 The height of the ice sheet will be measured and changes will be tracked over time.
Even if there is a small amount of melting in a vast area like Greenland or Antarctica, it will cause a large amount of melting water to cause sea level to rise.
To help record this, ICESat-
The measurement accuracy of the height change of 2 will be less than inches-ground-
In a way, the fact is true with such efforts as this Antarctic movement.
The team will collect accurate GPS data at an altitude of 88 degrees south, where ICESat-
The orbital aggregation of 2, which provides thousands of points, can compare the measurement results with satellite data.
"This crossing provides a very challenging and extremely cold way to assess the accuracy of the data," NASA's Kelly Brunt said . ". "ICESat-
"The data set for 2 will tell us the incredible things about how Earth's ice is changing and what it means for things like sea level rise," Brunt said . ".
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