move over theory, this los angeles brand is redefining custom women's suits - laser measuring tape price

by:UMeasure     2019-09-29
move over theory, this los angeles brand is redefining custom women\'s suits  -  laser measuring tape price
Joseph deyatisse: talk to Forbes about the true nature of your brand?
Ray Lee: Do you remember the scene of Don Draper's "mad man of advertising" working at Jaguar Stadium?
The advertising line they arrived at was "finally ".
The good things you can really have. "That's Sene.
This is about the magic of having something beautiful that is unique to you.
This is the moment to put on your clothesto-
Order the Sene garment in front of the mirror and be sure it was made for others.
You look relaxed and comfortable.
This is the final product that combines thoughtful design with customized fit and technical materials.
What is your competitive advantage in the market today?
Most custom clothing (i. e.
Printed Chino, printed, black lapels, standard knot)
Men's clothing focusing on special activities (e. g.
Wedding, black tie activities).
On the other hand, Sene's mission is to customize for everyday clothing.
Besides men's wear, we also make women's wear.
Instead of having customers assemble their own clothes, we designed a minimalist outfit and cut it to suit ourselves.
In terms of operation, our scale is completely different.
Ratio of most custom clothiersemploy
Intensive growth model to promote future economic transformation
Exhibition Hall.
Close at the same timethe-
Shelf clothing companies that have achieved great success in fit are adopting a size algorithm (i. e.
, Stichfix, black evening dress, ThirdLove)
But, of course, they are limited by the existing standard size.
At Sene, we extracted a page from the script.
Our focus is on smart testing.
We want people to be able to order custom clothing on their phones without having to take out the tape measure.
The whole process is done when you finish your coffee.
We generate custom sizes using our body measurement and preference data database.
For every new customer, we are constantly improving our products.
We also provide customers with safety through 60-day fitness guarantee-
Change, re-make, return and exchange free of charge within 60 days of receiving the order.
JD: guided my audience through the process of customer experience?
RI: once you find the style you like, you can create custom sizes by taking the smart health quiz.
You're going through 10-
15 questions, depending on the category of questions you already know the answer to, such as "What is your height", "What standard size do you usually wear ? "? ".
Then you place the order.
We have a machine.
Learning algorithms for generating laser cutting and hand-made custom sizesassembled.
Then you will receive your custom product at 1-
3 weeks depending on the content ordered.
From then on, our 60-day fitness guarantee will serve you.
Totally free if you need to adjust.
The exchange and return are also completely free.
What day are you today? to day-
I work closely with my business partner Mark Zheng on the overall strategy.
Beyond that, my focus is on products, marketing, and partnerships.
Currently I am working on a new product category and I think it will be our next home run.
I spend time with factories, factories and customers to understand their needs.
In terms of marketing, I am working on new video content that is consistent with new product launches.
Finally, it is a long-term job to develop strategic partnerships to align our brand and streamline our operations.
JD: What do you want to say to our Forbes audience here, why should they go to your showroom and have a look?
RI: Sene is your place if you want to upgrade your wardrobe and focus on having better, multi-functional, well-traveled things.
Since returns are not accepted in most places, custom clothing can be intimidating.
We offer 60 days of fitness
Free change, re-make, exchange and return within 60 days of receiving your order.
This means that it would be great if you wanted to change to a custom shirt jacket with a custom pilot jacket!
Or, it's not a problem if you want a refund.
Describe the three adjectives of your brand?
RI: You mean, talk to us about women's clothing?
RI: FlexTech women's suit is the ultimate travel suit for customization
Made of sports materials.
The aim is to create a beautiful suit that is versatile enough to design the style with sneakers or high foot shoes
Suitable for red carpet, office or high heels when going out for the night.
Our most popular Laurel style features an oversized double
The lapels of the chest and the long straight jacket.
The pants are high-
Waist and cut.
This is custom made, of course, so any body type can pull it down.
If you could get a celebrity to represent your brand, which one would it be and why?
RI: it must be Ryan Gosling.
I remember when the movie "Crazy Stupid Love" came out, he became an instant-style idol.
He's still a long way from Nelson, Las and the new girl :)
He's an approachable guy.
Where you feel inspired rather than scared.
He's a cool friend who looks effortless at the party and you can still ask him for advice.
He's the brand personality of Sene.
We want people to get inspiration from our brand, but we feel it is a desire to be fulfilled and approachable.
JD: how technology can help your brand in terms of products and electronics
Alimceri: our operation model was not possible 15 years ago. E-
Business is our biggest channel and the main way we create custom sizes is through machineslearning quiz.
The customer data is then converted to a pattern specification, then laser cut and then assembled manually.
Our process relies heavily on technology to ensure that every customer's order is correct.
JD: talk to us about the current product?
RI: The unified theme of our series is a variety of styles and technical materials.
Our most popular products for men and women are our FlexTech jackets and pants.
We are using the same factory as Lululemon used in Japan, there are four kinds of materials
Method stretching, moisture sweat removal technique, quick drying, anti-wrinkle and itchingfree.
Our practical shirt jacket is also very popular in men's wear, with stretch cotton and Kaihara stretch denim (from Japan).
This is a more tailored version of the classic shirt jacket.
Our technical bamboo Equipment shirts are the best sellers in women's wear.
This is a natural fiber mixture that does not wrinkle and has high air permeability for perfect buttonsup.
We are finalizing a custom sweater made in the US.
The secret new hero product will be launched in August.
What is your growth strategy?
RI: we focus on the style of everyday applications and some kind of material innovation for each product.
We are challenging ourselves to be more focused on product development.
For every new product we develop, it must pass the test of this problem --
"If the company can only have one product, is this product good enough?
"We focus on smart health quizzes as the main way to create custom sizes.
The showroom will be added and we will try the temporary showroom and pop-ups.
From a marketing point of view, we focus on brand collaboration and go deep into specific sub-cultures.
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