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by:UMeasure     2019-07-05
The application of engraving in jewelry has greatly benefited Jewelers in terms of customization and more precise products.The marking made of laser is the most accurate engraving method in the world today.There are three important parts of the machine used for engraving.
Beam, controller and surface.
The beams work like pencils and finish the final work of engraving without any material wear.The controller is a computer system that controls parameters such as beam strength, speed and propagation.During engraving, the laser beam converts light energy into heat, which helps to evaporate the surface that is carved into the controller design.
However, due to this feature, the laser machine does require an efficient cooling system to properly cool the heating equipment.To this end, a special part "cooler" with high configuration is added to the system to ensure smooth operation.The quality of these three components determines the price of the engraving equipment.
These machines have different types depending on the type of surface.The machine used for wood tabulation is useless for jewelry.Therefore, the surface type has a great impact on the price of the laser machine.
The first type is when the beam is in X-Y direction.In this case, the surface is fixed and the laser moves in the X and Y directions.In some cases, the surface is Y-The direction of the beam as it moves in the X directiondirection.
The second type is that when the surface is moving cylindrical, the laser beam creates a spiral along the surface.The surface can be cylindrical or square.The beam is stable as the surface moves.This is a different design compared to the first type, so the price is different.The third laser engraving machine needs the support of the mirror to move the beam while keeping the surface stationery.
This setting is used for unique engraving jobs, and machines need to be customized according to the user's requirements and the environment in the workplace.For all the engraving machines explained, the focus of the laser beam touching the surface is very narrow.The beam is either burned or the surface is cut.
If the surface evaporates during engraving, a ventilator is also required.A combination of various technologies, for the specific surface to make a suitable laser engraving machine.Therefore, the price of the machine is the value of the technical selection requested by the customer.
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