more on the gushue incident; measurement follies - best digital measuring device

by:UMeasure     2020-01-15
more on the gushue incident; measurement follies  -  best digital measuring device
With more thoughts on what happened last night at the arena, Brad Gushu left the rink believing that his team had been cheated by the Canadian Curling Association (
Read everything here):—
I still don't have to believe Gushue's argument that he should get a playoff seat because he has the same record in a pool (
But ranked third)
As two teams in another pool (
Kevin Koe and Jeff stougton)
Later on Friday, he had to win the game.
This will not happen in other sports;
Why is it in curlingAs a-
The Calgary fire team ended last season with 90 points and was out of the Western playoffs.
But the 90 points will give them seven points at the Eastern Conference. Too bad. Doesn’t matter.
They're still outside.
The same is true for CFL, NFL, NBA and MLB.
At least CFL has this rule.
Since the Canadian Cup passed
If you're at the end of the playoffs, but have a better record in the playoffs than the other division/pool playoff teams, you can get a playoff seat.
Having said that, there is a view that comparing the Canadian cup with professional sports is apples and oranges.
The main thing is that the Calgary Fire team didn't pay the entrance fee, and their players didn't spend thousands of dollars competing.
Although CCA is not willing to enter a scene that will cause a lot of later scenes.
At the end of the night, I suspect the players will be happy if it means a clear result.
By the way, it may become a simulation point next season;
CCA is considering from 10-
The field of team men and women go to a singlepool eight-team round-
Robin attends an event next year in Cranbrook. C.
Decisions are expected in the next six months. —————
By the way, CCA posted on its own website the incorrect rules about who made the Canadian Cup playoffs, losing some credibility, late Friday, quite a few players have noticed this.
In the competitor's guide, the official rule is that the first two teams in each pool enter the playoffs, unless, as mentioned earlier, third place
The team has a superior place in a pool (
Again, this is a crucial word)
Record to the second
Put the team in another pool.
On the site, however, playoff teams are defined as two pool Champions, followed by teams with the next two best records, regardless of which pool they are in.
That's a pretty big screw.
Needless to say, by Saturday morning, illegal sentences have been deleted on the website.
But it's really okay in the end.
It states very clearly in the competitor's guide that the document is the last sentence of all the Canadian cup rules.
The discussion ended.
Of course, the competitor's guide is probably the least --
Carefully read documents on Earth
A total of 80 players participated in the Canadian Cup this week;
I would be very shocked if five of them read that guide. —————
When the scene is first encountered, the rule or protocol changes.
For example, I went back to 2002 Brier in Calgary, where an incorrect place --
A measuring stick causes a stone to be moved when measured on national television. Now, the pre-
The event agreement requires three times the measuring rod-checked (at least)
To ensure that such incidents do not occur again.
After a dispute about who will last, you can expect similar results from here
The rock advantage of Jennifer Jones
Shannon klebrin on Friday night
Skip her pre every timegame draw;
Kleibrink completely covers the pin, and Jones has a large part of the pin-hole covered.
Here is the problem;
Jones rock is unmeasurable and when this happens it must appear in the book in the form of zero
In essence, a bar of Kleibrink.
When this happens, in the previous pre-game draws —
Jones is in this case.
Get the hammer.
So, under this impression, the teams began to prepare for the opening ceremony.
At the same time, coach J. D.
Lind raised the issue with chief referee Diana buck.
Then buck consulted.
The ice referee was told that although the measurement could not be made, he could see the pin
Hole under rock
Based on this, Buck overturned the previous decision and awarded the hammer to Kleibrink, which was discovered by the Jones gang as they walked towards the ice to watch the game.
Strictly speaking, this rule may have been complied.
According to Rule 15-
In the rules of the game manual, "If two or more stones are close to the tee, measurement equipment cannot be used, and if the referee's visual comparison cannot determine which Stone is closest to the tee, the stone should be tied up.
If the stones were to determine who the statistics were, they should eventually be considered blank.
In this case, the visual contrast is obviously more inclined to Kleibrink --
So reverse.
But there is still room for debate.
First, the rule is not specific to pre-game draw-offs.
More is the measurement after the end.
Again, you can see the pin under the rock from an angle, but you may not see it if you stand on the rock.
There is no exact answer to record it directly from Jones's rock.
Anyway, you can rest assured that this will be resolved by next season --
If not before the next major CCA event.
Looking for some kind of appendix covering the draw --
Off, the incidental condition is that if the measuring device can be stuck in the pin but cannot be measured, the small total number will be entered into the book instead of zero.
For the record, Kleibrink scored a ball with a hammer, and in order to prevent giving up stealing the ball once or twice, he had to throw a few beautiful balls.
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