measure lets 7 bells offer long distance - long distance measuring tool

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measure lets 7 bells offer long distance  -  long distance measuring tool
ANDREWSMARCH 1995 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before its online publication began in 1996.
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After weeks of intense negotiations, the Senate Business Committee is expected to approve a comprehensive communications bill on Thursday, which will make it easier for Bell companies in the seven regions to provide long-term services
Remote telephone service.
But the final outlook for the bill remains doubtful, as Republicans sponsoring the bill have so far failed to reach an agreement with the Democratic Party and have failed to placate the long term
Remote operators like AT&T, MCI Communications, and Sprint.
As a result, the legislation remains vulnerable to fighting and political gridlock in the same industry that have hindered earlier efforts.
Meanwhile, the Justice Department said today it may be ready to approve a request from the Chicago-based baby Bell Ameritech Corporation to provide long-term services
Remote services based on experiments.
With the obvious support of the Department of Justice, Ameritech distributed a proposal to make it available for a long time
Provide remote services to customers in Chicago and other selected cities to open up their networks in exchange for competitors.
The Justice Department, which oversees the anti-monopoly law order that broke the former Bell System in 1984, did not approve the proposal.
But it is very similar to the terms outlined in Anne K's recent speech.
The assistant attorney general in charge of the antitrust division, Bingaman, and the Department have already negotiated with Ameritech on the details of the plan.
In Congress's advertising campaign, the legislative goal is to completely replace the antitrust order and reduce the large number of other regulations currently blocking local calls.
Distance and cable companies enter each other's market.
The biggest battle is still between the local and the long term
Remote Telephone Company
Seven Bell companies are banned from providing long-term services
By breaking the historic antitrust consent order of the Bell System to provide remote services, they are eager to obtain a long-term service
Remote business.
But Senate Democrats are also sure to oppose others included in a new draft bill distributed today by Senator Larry Presler, a Republican in South Dakota, and chairman of the Senate Business Committee.
The new draft retains a clause that will remove all cable price regulations a year later, reversing a law that Democrats passed Congress in 1992.
Another provision will end all restrictions on the number of television and radio stations a company allows to own.
Democrats and Republicans are continuing negotiations today to address one of the biggest sticking points: the problem of getting regional Bell companies into long-term marketsDistance from the market.
The parties have clearly given up their hopes of reaching an agreement on cable and radio issues and are willing to resolve these disputes by holding separate votes on these issues.
Republican lawmakers say they have enough votes to win the committee's approval, regardless of Democratic opposition.
But their outlook in the Senate is much more vague, and in the Senate a small number of opponents can use procedural tactics to stop progress on a bill.
At the end of last year, a similar bill of communications died, although it passed the commission by majority.
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Today's developments have surprised and disappointed people for a long time.
Howard H. Has been hired.
Former Senate Republican leader Baker lobbied for them.
Earlier this week,
Baker and other lobbyists expressed confidence in reaching a compromise they could support.
But today, it was Bell who was laughing at it, and
A long-range aircraft carrier under attack.
The Bell soon praised the new plan and issued a joint statement calling it a "substantial improvement ".
"Jeff Ward, a lobbyists for Bell in New York and New England, said his company had only a few minor problems.
"We hope it will withdraw from the committee quickly," he said . "
On the contrary, James M.
Smith is a competitive negotiator representing the distance alliance.
Remote operators believe that "this draft bill creates less competition, not more, more regulation, not less. "The long-
The company resisted the bell, thinking that as long as the local phone company is still close-
A monopoly on the local service market.
Top Republicans, including Kansas Senator Bob Dole, want to lift all restrictions --of-
Limit business as soon as possible.
In an effort to reach a compromise, Republican lawmakers gave up their offer to allow free elections. for-
All automatic after three years
Under the new plan, Bell has to open up the market for competitors to connect to their network and allow customers to keep their phone numbers when switching to a new phone company.
The bill also contains a detailed list of Bell's being allowed into long-Distance from the market.
But long's executives
Distance companies are angered by new proposals that don't need to be fully competitive in the local market until the bell ringsDistance from the market.
A version of this article appears on page D00001, country edition, March 23, 1995, with the title: Measure to give 7 Bells long distances.
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