long distance laser measure What can we learn from Spiders?

by:UMeasure     2019-07-14
Nothing is in vain in this world.Everything has its purpose and meaning.We can even learn a lot from small things that we think are unimportant and useless.Obviously, we don't see any benefit from them, but our understanding of things is not absolute.We keep learning with our own experience.That's why we meet new things and new experiences in our lives every day.If we think a little, we can even learn a lot from tiny creatures.
Spiders are one of these creatures.I am not going to discuss their type or category.Most of us already know.I won't talk about Spider-Man movies either.We already know.I will focus on the benefits we get or can get from spiders.I divided it into two parts, the material benefits we get and the things we can learn from spiders.
A few benefits are listed below.

Spiders make silk all their lives.They use it to capture prey, protect their offspring, help them as they move, and provide shelter for them.This fabric is considered the strongest natural fabric known so far.It is at least half of the steel wire with the same thickness and greater elasticity.Scientists are currently working to synthesize spider silk on a commercial scale.We can imagine that the future will be a body armor and parachute made of spider silk.
Spider silk is also found to glow almost as brightly as fiberglass.This opens new doors for the Study of sensors, lasers and microchips.

In the Sandwich Islands, British scientists distributed Spider suits to local people when they were 16.Spiders are necessary because they can prevent a large number of local bacteria that are dangerous to humans.Anyone found to have no spiders will even face a strict fine or imprisonment.

Spiders prey on small insects and pests to prevent these creatures from invading your home.Spiders feed on insects such as crickets, flies and other flying insects.They proved to be a natural pest control system in the house and played a role in keeping the house clean.
Surprisingly, spiders prove in different ways that they are good for human health.They eat many insects that cause diseases, including mosquitoes and flies.These insects can easily spread diseases without spiders.Spider poison is not always negative.Neurologists have been studying the poison for years.It can often be used to prevent nerve cell damage in the brain of stroke patients.
In addition to these benefits, there is a lot to learn.A few are listed below.

Spiders use a very practical and ergonomic design process to make nets according to body size.The first step is always difficult in any task.Once this is done, the spider creates an extraordinary Silk Web, usually as beautiful as its function.This is also absolutely unique.

With the exception of the polar cap and the highest mountain range, spiders are almost everywhere on Earth.They have learned to adjust themselves according to the environment.Wherever they find a place to live, they are able to build their home.So they are very adaptable.On the other hand, we humans have been complaining about the environment.Instead of changing our conditions, we blame our failure on the environment.We need to be as adaptable as a spider to find our way anywhere..

Every time spiders find a place, they keep traveling.They can travel long distances through their silk in the wind.After arriving at the new place, they built their home there and started their life in the new environment.When you walk out of the comfort zone, this will definitely bring you a new experience, adding to your personal grooming and development.Spiders travel without knowing the results of the trip.In the same way, we should follow the trend, not afraid of the unknown, but be ready to meet new challenges.
The spider takes one every day --
Eat something and eat it.

Patience is one of the most important factors in spider character.It is not a spider if it is not patient.
They never give up.When you clean up your home and clear all their nets, they will rebuild them in a few days.They never give up.They are invincible.In difficulty, we need to follow the same rules and never give up.

The web made by spiders has a good architectural beauty.Beautiful design.The main purpose of creating networks is to capture prey, but they are done with creativity.In order to achieve greater success, we should always be ready to explore new ways to accomplish a task.We always learn through creativity.

Spider webs are often built very close.Spiders have no fear of competition for their web.What they do is what they want to do and never fear their competitors.One thing to learn here is that we should always be ready to compete.Never be afraid of competition.Competition will always give you the best.

Once the network is damaged for any reason;The spider began to fix it.We need to learn to fix our things when damage happens.A bad thing happens to our efforts at any time, but we should not be discouraged, but start fixing the damage at the moment it happens.Don't delay your work.There may be hundreds of excuses for not doing a job, but do the right thing and start doing it in the first place.Don't drag until tomorrow what you can do today.

Spiders have worked alone since birth.They never rely on others to do anything.We need to start relying on our own abilities, and there will be results.We just need to take the first step.
All in all, there is nothing here that has no purpose, no matter how small it is.Just because we don't know everything.Our knowledge is very limited.Our experience is increasing.
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