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by:UMeasure     2019-07-11
There are different types of laser pointers such as green, blue, red, purple, blue, yellow laser pointers and DPSS lasers.So why is the green laser pointer considered the most popular gadget?Of the laser indicators that will be launched in early 2000, only red and green laser gadgets are available.There is a big difference between them, and the green laser diode is significantly more advanced than the red laser diode.
Comparing the x64 nm red laser diode with the x64 nm wavelength green laser diode, in all types of weather, it is easier for the x64 nm wavelength green laser to pass through the atmosphere than the x64 nm laser diode.In addition, human eyes are most sensitive to green, and beam distribution can be seen hundreds of miles away.Due to the long Laser range, fast propagation speed, and the visibility of the laser is far away, the green laser indicator is an ideal choice for the atmosphere such as heavy fog, rain, cloud, etc.
, seriously polluting the atmosphere.
Regarding the application, the green laser indicator is indeed a great miracle for laser diode professionals, because there has never been a diode laser that is as useful and versatile as it is.This light and sensitive color makes the green laser device much more powerful than the red laser diode, which is almost 50 times more powerful than the red laser diode.As a result, the green laser point is usually present or rescued as a lighting device or as a missing person looking for a habit.
In addition to being generally used as a balloon pop-up, plastic or rubber burn, cutting tape, lighting matches or cigarettes in entertainment, this green laser device is also very important for high-tech applications.In the military, this cool gadget is still at a high level.Technology weapons targeting terminalsUse, and can also be equipped with various types of weapons after high-power range.
Due to its long visibility beam and different types of laser applications, most laser enthusiasts will choose this green laser gadget.Once laser enthusiasts choose to use it, it is also convenient to meet any possible needs in our daily lives
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