long distance casting - ten things i've learned to cast further! - long range distance sensor

by:UMeasure     2019-08-24
long distance casting - ten things i\'ve learned to cast further!  -  long range distance sensor
In the modern fishing carp, further display ability is an obvious advantage in the anglers Armory.
The fact is that, despite their estimate of the casting range, it is difficult for most anglers to reach a better 100 yards anyway.
Not all waters allow ships or bait ships, so being able to cast a boat is a real advantage that can make a difference between catching a fish and not catching it.
I remember being on a lake in France because the fish were 150 yards away and I couldn't reach them.
The Dutch guy on the next DingTalk was easily cast there.
Needless to say, he's packed up. . .
I was very upset.
We can't afford to go out and buy top gear for all, and that's what you need to compete with top casters. .
There is also a large amount of tuition and a small amount of talent.
Some tips and tips for our average person can make us 140-Range 150 yards
I have measured it, so as a regular caster, I can tell you that it works.
The suggestions are from Mark Hutchinson and Mehdi dahoe, but if you really want to get into the big leagues.
I suggest you have classes with people like Mark.
OK, here are 10 tips to help you further cast with normal carp gear. 1.
Use a large shaft pit "type" Reel: These reels don't cost a lot of money, just £ 50 for Shimano AERLEX.
Big uma is also a big scroll of great value.
Top flight reels like Ultegra from Shimano and tournaments from Daiwa will set you back some bob, but are excellent tools.
The advantage of the wide wire shaft on the big pit is that the diameter is not as fast as you cast, so the friction on the lip of the wire shaft is less, increasing your distance. 2.
Fill the line shaft to the rim: Make sure to fill the line shaft to the rim.
Compared to the terrible things like Mitchell 300 and Cardinal, the line surface of the modern fixed spool reel used to catch carp is very good.
In order to make full use of the casting ability of the reel, flush the reel with the lip.
Don't overfill because you will get the bird's nest, but fill as much as you can.
Keep in mind that this line will drop down a little. 3.
Fill your wire shaft with a 10 pound monofilament line: it will make the finer line you use and the farther you will cast.
You can't fish crazy because the fish is big.
10 pound mono is enough in most open waters.
My Remote products use big and sensor 10 lbs, but many of the premium monos on the market will use it.
The power of some anglers has fallen even more. . .
This is a real trade-off between wear resistance and casting needs.
The finer diameter line naturally weighs in and the thicker nylon needs less friction to break it.
A few drops of Kryston-lubricated lightning will also make it better for nylon to flow out of the reel. 4.
Use a woven lead: to get the maximum distance of the 10 lb main line, you need an impact lead.
Here I recommend a 50 pound braid of leader material.
The braids are not stretched, so all your power is placed in the blank, not in the stretch of the nylon leader.
It will add distance to your cast. 5.
Using a helicopter rig: the best casting rig is a "helicopter" rig.
The correct setting is that in the case of cracks falling off, it is also the only drilling rig to let the fish have no line.
These rigs must now be done correctly.
Wrong setup, you have a dead gear as a fish trail line and lead.
Several companies are preparing to use the rig or sell a variety of final rig products needed to make a safety deviceup.
Please pay attention to this!
The bad setup of the helicopter rig made it banned in my waters, which is stupid because doing it right, it should be the safest rig.
It lets lead fly first, and the bait follows, giving you a bit more aerodynamic setup, so there's more distance.
Combine it hard or in combination with short nylon
Hooklink, it will go very far. . . 6.
Using zipper leads: the zipper type leads will be cast further than any leads.
Aerodynamics, when used with bait, these leads are actually their own.
In most cases, you may see a huge difference between a short pear lead and a zipper until you connect your body.
The zipper makes your rig more stable and allows you to get a few yards of extra distance on the cast.
These clues are true and will be more accurate. 7.
Use a small bait: inertia is one of the main problems you encounter when you want to get these precious extra codes.
It is clear that a large 22mm boilie not only increases the weight of the rig, but also increases the wind resistance, making the unit unstable in the air and the aerodynamics unstable.
If you reduce the size of the bait to 14mm or less, it will not stop the carp from finding your food and eating your food, but, it will certainly help to eliminate some of the negative effects of the big bait. 8.
Using fingerprints: This is mainly a security issue.
The woven leader is like a cheese thread and if you don't wear a finger sleeve it will easily cut your finger to the bone.
Reuben Heatons offers a very good leather demand.
In my opinion, the fear of hurting myself, of course, the pain of cutting my fingers will stop me from really falling into the cast without my fingers.
In addition to security issues, using fingerprints gives me the confidence to buy big ones without worrying about getting hurt.
As I said above, you need strong, thin woven impact leads that do not stretch to deliver the energy of the lead compression casting blanks.
To use braids, you have to protect your casting fingers. 9.
Make sure your pole handle is the right length: Now I bet most people don't think about it when they buy a rod to cast long distances.
Length of handle.
So you can transfer your maximum weight to the actor, and you need to put your hand under your arm while you stick to it.
If the handle is too long, you need to push it aside at the end of the cast.
You will almost certainly lose yourself a few meters away like this.
You don't need a fully customized rod, but you should look for a rod manufacturer or a good forklift shop to customize the rod for your arm length. 10.
Get rid of the deck: you can get valuable yard by putting lead on the floor and getting rid of the deck.
When you lift the weight, compress the blanks and release the full force of the rod, you transfer almost all the power of the actor immediately.
A few points to keep in mind are that you may want to take your leadership to around 100lb, as this type of actor can at least be said to be cruel.
You may also want to put the lead and rig on the unlock mat of something like this to avoid grabbing the rig or vegetation on the ground while you're casting.
I will probably also protect the hook point with the pva glue to avoid it piercing the material.
This is not an exhaustive list, but I picked up some tips and guidelines to help you add extra code numbers to your cast.
Don't be afraid to break the fishing rod, although it is always possible, modern carbon fiber is a very solid material, and the risk will not be too great in normal fishing.
A fishing rod is a tool, so make the most of it. . .
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