logitech mx revolution mouse review - laser sensor

by:UMeasure     2020-02-23
logitech mx revolution mouse review  -  laser sensor
Logitech MX Revolution first saw this mouse, it has an eye --
Capture modern design with its stylish curves, many buttons and ergonomic design.
The first thing I thought about after using the mouse was comfort.
The mouse fits perfectly with the right hand of any size.
If you come from a smaller mouse, it will no doubt take you a few days to fully adapt to its larger, heavier design and many buttons.
However, once you get used to it, you'll wonder how you can bypass the computer without it. Photo by . dr4gon. Features (5 out of 5)
This mouse has a standard left and right mouse button and an intermediate button (
Also roller)
A small "fastflip" button (
Fast window change)
, Back and forward buttons on the left, for easy browser navigation, and thumb rollers for adding scrolling.
Below are the on/off switches and small holes of the laser sensor.
Unlike the normal optical mouse, there is no red light at the bottom.
Ergonomics is amazing, but what really makes this mouse different from the rest of the mouse in the field is the wheel.
It is able to click on clicks that many people are accustomed to by standard click scrolling, but it is also able to rotate freely when it detects a faster rotation.
In free spins, you can easily and quickly browse many pages.
Flick and you can go back to the top of a long page after reading.
With the free Logitech SetPoint software, you can customize the rotation and speed of the roller and assign custom actions or keys to any button.
The software can even create custom application profiles so that in some applications or games you can define actions specifically for each button.
This small and lightweight software can be easily placed in the system tray for easy access.
Although there is no need (
Mouse plug and play in Windows XP, Vista and 7
It allows you to make the most of your mouse. Performance (5 out of 5)
The mouse moves smoothly, accurately and comfortably with a sensitivity of 800 dpi.
In the real world, this mouse fulfills its promise to provide what the mouse should do: easy navigation.
I have been using this mouse for a year and a half and I can say that this is the best mouse I have ever used.
Whenever I leave the computer, I miss the mouse very much.
In the browser, the quick scroll, back and forward buttons are a great combination of easy navigation.
In Photoshop or other photo editing tools, the mouse has full control over the brush and retouching.
For the game, many buttons have quick access to many commands and actions, whether you are playing a first person shooter or RTS game, you can take advantage of the game.
The wireless feature greatly frees up valuable desktop space and provides more freedom to use the mouse anywhere (
I mean anywhere, the wireless track outside the base station room).
The battery life of this mouse is very good.
Full charge, I can expect regular use for about 7 days (
A few hours on my computer).
The top of the mouse is a battery indicator with 3 bars.
Personally, I have never fallen below one because I just have a habit of charging every few days.
The SetPoint software gives a more accurate estimate of days and percentages to help measure battery life. Value (4 out of 5)
When choosing this mouse, I want something cordless to reduce my desktop clutter, functionality (
There are a lot of customizable buttons)
Comfortable and reliable.
It has achieved more success than I expected in these areas.
This mouse is indeed one of the many features outlined here.
Although the mouse did not have a considerable price tag, it still did not come.
The retail price is $99.
99, but it can cost $55.
49 free shipping on Amazon.
Com was writing this article.
I have seen cheaper in other places (
Like Best Buy, it's sold this week for $50.
This mouse also comes with Logitech's outstanding 3-year warranty.
Logitech support is very helpful and I have never had a new problem (Not renovated)
Free shipping to my replacement.
You are investing in one of your most important computer peripherals, so it is well worth the price.
This mouse is really worth it.
5/5 stars because it is quite expensive, many cheaper mice can do similar tasks.
The MX revolution is just doing the best because it brings great value to your money. Conclusion (5 out of 5)
Since its launch in 2007, I know there is no better desktop mouse on the market than this.
I will not hesitate to recommend this mouse to anyone.
So if you're looking for a new desktop mouse to replace the old broken mouse or are looking for an upgraded one, don't look at the Logitech MX revolution again.
You can buy it right now on Amazon. com for $55. 49.
At this price, this is stealing!
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