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Jackson's plaintiff can appear again. New Space Race?
May 27, 2005 broadcast
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Miles O'Brien, cnn anchor: there are some stories in the news.
"Guys, he's still there.
A Florida murder suspect is still sitting on a construction crane near Buckhead, Atlanta. The stand-
Close very close to 48 hours.
We will be live in about 30 minutes.
A California jury has acquitted Hillary Clinton's former treasurer of a fund-raising charge.
David Rosen is accused of undervaluing the cost of a lavish Hollywood party that raised money for Clinton's 2000 Senate campaign.
Rosen could face up to ten years in prison.
An Australian woman has been sentenced to 20 years in prison by an Indonesian court for smuggling marijuana into Bali.
Schapelle Corby insisted that the drugs were in her bag.
The case has caused a stir in Australia.
We will react next hour.
Kyra phillips, cnn anchor: if the defense is successful, Michael Jackson's plaintiff may appear again in the witness box.
Join us for a live broadcast from Santa Maria, California, explaining CNN's Ted rowland in detail. Hi, Ted.
Ted rowlands, CNN: Hi Kyra.
Basically, this is the end of the trial.
We are working on a rebuttal, but it has become very, very interesting and dramatic.
After a while, when the court returns from a brief adjournment, the prosecution will broadcast a video of a preliminary interview between the plaintiff and the police.
In this video interview, the plaintiff apparently broke many times and he described in detail what happened between him and Michael Jackson.
This will give the jury the opportunity to see the plaintiff again in this case and to look again at the sexual harassment alleged here and to put it in front and center.
Now, in response to this, the defense has requested and obtained permission to return the plaintiff to the witness box and ask the individual and the plaintiff's mother.
We expect this to happen next week.
Prosecutors told the judges that they would close their rebuttal case on Tuesday next week.
Memorial Day Monday is a dark day.
They are expected to end on Tuesday.
Then it's defensive.
Obviously, this is a very important moment where the jury can see directly what happened when the plaintiff first filed an allegation against Michael Jackson ---Kyra?
Phillips: Okay.
Ted Rowlands live from Santa MariaThanks --Miles.
O'Brien: Still ahead of the live broadcast of the space arms race.
Will the last frontier be the last battlefield?
Maybe it's too risky?
Next, we will discuss this issue.
Poor horse.
Dangerous but injured-
Ride along the T-deck for free.
What does a horse do on the T?
We will answer one of these questions if you continue to pay attention. (
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Stock market report)
Oh, yes.
A fantasy fashion show in Peru is about to turn ugly.
Poor Mrs. Godiva.
Yes, it really happened.
But that's okay.
No one got hurt.
Of course, the horse was frightened by all the flash lights, where it fell to the audience.
Everyone was frightened, and the horse was even more scared.
Well, after everyone calmed down, there was no news about whether the show really went on.
Rumors of a new rodeo and fashion show have not been confirmed.
Hope to return to the saddle in a moment. (
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Unidentified male: This is where fun begins.
Man: Let's take the road between us. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O'Brien: OK.
Forget those things long ago.
Right here and now, in our own galaxy backyard, Pentagon planners are brewing a small treatment that could be called "Star Wars: Pentagon push.
"In fact, the Bush administration is working on a controversial new space policy that will be the first time an offensive weapon will be used in space.
Now even in the darkest days of the Cold WarS.
The Soviet Union was not engaged in an arms race on track. So, why now? Why space?
Take a look at all aspects of this with us, Theresa Hitchins, an expert on such issues at the Washington defense information center.
CNN military analyst and retired Air Force Major General Don Sheppard is our own personal Defense Information Center.
You two are welcome.
Theresa hitchens, working together on the Threat Reduction Initiative.
Reply: Thank you.
O'Brien: OK. MAJ. GEN.
Don Sheppard, United States of AmericaS. AIR FORCE (RET)Hello, Miles.
O'Brien: I 've heard a lot about a so-
Known as Pearl Harbor in space
Don Sheppard, start with you.
Is it possible to brew and lay out this scene for us?
I can't say there's a brewing, miles, but I can say it's possible.
The reason is that we rely entirely on space to communicate, our weather, our intelligence, and our goal is our weapons.
And what provides this service. -
The satellites that provide these satellites basically do not have any defense.
So we are vulnerable, although we know that there is no capacity to attack these satellites in another country now.
O'Brien: Well, Theresa, that's a good point.
Would you say that at this point? -
Obviously, the United StatesS.
In the high-end frontier of space. -
Will you say it is necessary to improve your ability?
Hitchins: We definitely need to protect our satellites, but it's not true that we don't have the ability to protect them.
We have a lot of ways to focus on what's wrong with our satellite.
We have certain technical capabilities to prevent them from getting stuck or hacking.
We can observe what other countries do in space.
So it's not right to say they're not being defended.
Yes, we have to protect them, but weapons in space or space --
Weapons-based has no effect on protecting our satellites.
These weapons are offensive weapons used to attack other people's satellites.
O'Brien: if--
By the way, when we look at these animations, they portray the real strategic defense initiative, which is launching missiles from the air.
There is a fundamental difference here.
The thought of having a bomber flying over a country every 90 minutes or so on track would make a lot of people, a lot of countries very nervous, wouldn't it?
Yes, it can run a few miles.
I'm glad we have people like Theresa who have asked a lot of tricky questions before we start discussing this.
No one wants a space war.
But there are a few things that we are talking about here: protecting our satellites so that we can provide our national security, and second, we are talking about maintaining the ability to defend US territory and deploy US troops.
S. National missile defense and theater missile defense for troops now deployed in war zones such as Iraq.
That's what we're talking about.
We are also taking other things seriously and responsibly.
Space vehicles are being proposed.
Weapons, such as God's things, such things.
We're working on these things, but we haven't deployed them yet.
O'Brien: OK.
Theresa, let's talk about why this might be a good idea.
I noticed that the Air Force in one of the research labs launched a vehicle called XXS-
Just last month.
Although they did not claim that it had something to do with offensive capabilities, the vehicle did have the ability to join the satellite independently.
In theory, the technology could be used as a satellite killer if you want.
Is this something from America? S.
This advantage of protecting the United States should be considered. S. military has?
Hitins: Once again, like--
Something like XXS.
A tiny satellite that can actually be used to attack another satellite. -
Although this experiment does not prove this, this technology can do so.
These types of weapons are of no use in protecting our space assets.
The weapons were designed to attack other people's space assets and other people's satellites.
If you look at the Air Force theory and strategy papers that have been published, they are not simply talking about defense strategies.
They are talking about a strategy of attack, perhaps pre-emptive, launching other people's satellites.
O'Brien: So, Don Sheppard, what's the problem here?
Are we talking about China?
They have put people into space now, and maybe this fall we will be told another mission.
In fact, their capabilities in space are quite diverse.
Is there any concern that China may launch its own arms race? Of course, if the United StatesS.
Will China pay off attacking in space?
Here's the problem, Miles.
That is why this issue is so important.
Now we have the upper hand in space.
We are the space power of the world. No one can match us in space.
If we start to protect our satellites, it could trigger a space war if we start producing offensive weapons.
There are other countries, especially China, which is increasingly capable of starting a space race.
When we build a missile defense system, the direct response of another country is to create more missiles to overwhelm the missile defense system.
So this is a very serious issue that needs to be discussed.
This needs to be debated publicly in Congress, and we need to make sure that the military and air forces do not take off on their own, but the Air Force is the executive body that needs to look at these issues.
O'Brien: this is the last thought, Theresa.
This is clearly a region of the United States. S.
There are huge advantages.
I think you can do that, if you allow. -
If the status quo continues, that's possible. -
This advantage may disappear.
Is this a real question?
Hitins: I think this is a concern for the American people. S. Air Force.
But to be honest, you put your finger on the issue here.
The status quo is good for us.
In my opinion, we should consider a strategy, an economic strategy, a military strategy, a political strategy, which will extend the status quo to the future as far as possible.
If we put our weapons in space now, we are destroying the status quo, we are starting a military race, and maybe we really don't need to start.
O'Brien: Don Sheppard, you finally thought about a question.
I agree with Theresa.
If we can do this through a treaty, we should do so.
Weapons in space are expensive and dangerous.
These questions should be considered carefully.
But we should pay attention to the national security of the United States and do everything we can to protect us.
O'Brien: OK.
Good discussion.
Thank you both.
Higgins: Thank you.
O'Brien: Major General Don Sheppard, Theresa Heath.
And the theme of space weapons.
We appreciate it. -Kyra.
Phillips: So how much do you know about the rules of this road?
Don't answer this question too fast.
A new study shows that many of us just have no clue when driving.
This is the live broadcast of the future. (
Business break)
O'Brien: Well, are you on your way this Memorial Day weekend?
Be careful outside.
A new study found that 10% of AmericansS.
Drivers have no basic knowledge of traffic regulations and safety.
We all know these people, don't we?
More than 5,000 Certified drivers took written tests similar to those given to beginners in the United States.
The study found that many people do not know anything about basic practices such as merging, understanding signposts, etc.
Guys, they're not even in English.
The driver in the northwest is the best.
They are good drivers in Oregon, Washington, Iowa, Idaho, Wyoming.
What do you think is bad?
Northeast of course, right?
Rhode Island, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Washington, D. C. C.
Atlanta should be there.
O'Brien: they have a bad score.
I know what you do, right?
You just brought the guns, right, and took care of them right there? Sorry.
A little angry.
All right.
Of course, Desperate Housewives are not desperate for advertisers, but it's one less now.
Kathleen: Kathleen Hays broadcast the story live with us from the New York Stock Exchange. Hi Kathleen.
Catherine Hayes, cnn correspondent: Hi Kayla and miles.
Yes, a resident of Wigan Lane is moving away.
This is Mary Kay cosmetics.
After a protest by a Christian group, Mary Kay suspended plans to advertise on ABC's popular "Desperate Housewives" program.
Mary Kay's official philosophy is "God first, family second, career third ".
"The American Family Association questions how this position is aligned with what the organization says to promote acts of infidelity, temptation and promiscuity.
The group urged Mary Kay consultants to tell the company that they opposed the "Desperate Housewives" advertising campaign.
Kyra and Miles, I want to know what they think about Laura Bush saying she was a desperate housewife at the White House TV and radio correspondents dinner a few weeks ago?
O'Brien: you can't buy that kind of propaganda, can you?
She's watching Lynn Cheney. -
Johnny Miller men's clothing is highly recommended.
Hayes: of course.
Miles, are you a very convenient person?
Cross: Tuskins (ph).
O'Brien: taskins.
Phillips: The Theory of taskins.
Craftsmen, what are they?
Miles, are you a very convenient person?
Yes, I am.
I'm a guy with a big tool belt.
Look, this is for you.
This is for you.
So is my husband.
In any case, the Craftsman tools will be at 365 K-On the occasion of Father's Day-Mart stores.
Now you might remember Sears and K-
Earlier this year, Mart agreed to merge.
The introduction of Craftsman tools is the first extensive Rolling
Among the new retail brothers, the exclusive products of the Sears brand.
K-Craftsman will offer 10 artisan products including laser level and cordless screwdriverMart stores.
Kenmore Sears will also provide devices and stubborn batteries K-Mart. (
Stock market report)
O'Brien: The live broadcast is a bit ahead of schedule. . .
Phillips: go straight, doctor. Miles.
O'Brien: we need to get our eyeballs out.
Phillips: That's right.
Viagra also has possible side effects, blindness.
We need to explain what this is all about.
Phillips: Researchers from the survey report-
In fact, the drug increases the risk of blindness.
Miles wants to talk to Dr. Emory, right?
Yes, that's the plan.
So please stay with us. (
Business break)
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