line laser tire inspection sensor provides increased measurement. - line laser

by:UMeasure     2020-03-08
line laser tire inspection sensor provides increased measurement.  -  line laser
AkroScan laser sensors are said to have increased the area of measurement, faster scanning speed, higher resolution and improved Ethernet communication.
It is said that the AkroScan sensor provides a huge increase in the measured area of the tire.
The scan width is said to allow a more comprehensive measurement of the tire.
According to the company, tire manufacturers can not only produce more tires, but also test a wider range of products, including truck tires, through the system.
The entire radial tread width is up to 320mm and multiple tread tracks can be scanned, which are graded for beating.
According to the manufacturer, passengers and truck tires can now quickly scan the bumps in the 170mm area of the side wall.
As the measuring capacity increases, tire manufacturers are helping to build a complete picture of most tire sizes from the tire ring to the tire ring.
It is said that this helps the manufacturer to improve the side wall appearance of the tire and improve the test of the quality of the tread.
Another improvement that is said to provide significant savings for tire manufacturers is the increase in akroscan from 2,000Hz to 4,000Hz.
It is said that the company is working with several manufacturers to reduce cycle time during the final completion of the use of the sensor.
The second benefit is resolution improvement, 3-
6 million data points.
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