line laser skil 5680-01 circular saw with laser beam

by:UMeasure     2019-07-09
Skil saw 5680-01 is a newly improved round saw by Skil.The 5680-01 equipped with safety function, can minimize the danger of using chainsaw.First of all, Skil adds an LED that turns on as soon as the wire is plugged in, reminding you that the saw is now powered on.
Then the safety lock switch;The switch greatly reduces the chance of accidentally triggering the saw.Anti-obstacle defender is a useful feature added in Skil 5680-01.Anti-obstacle guards check any small obstacles caught.
The shield pushes back whenever thin cuts are made to ensure smooth operation.Once the cut is completed, the guard will return to the normal position.The 5680-01 there is a solid steel plate that can withstand abuse on site.
Thin steel plates bend and affect the accuracy of the cut, but with a sturdy foot plate like a frying pan, you can get the perfect accuracy in the cut.The foot board is also wide, giving you more stability and control over the machine.Other features of 5680-1 beam cutting line laser and rear depth adjusting rod are the guarantee of perfect precision.
After using the depth adjustment lever, you can set the cutting depth according to the work requirements;The laser beam provides perfect cutting in a relatively short period of time.The 24-tooth carbide blade of 71/4 effectively cuts a variety of materials.The motor is powerful and the ball bearing structure guarantees a longer service life.
5680-01 Skil Saw is a lightweight user-friendly Saw for professionals and amateurs
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