“light” versus “classic” laser treatment for clinically significant diabetic macular oedema - green laser distance measurer

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“light” versus “classic” laser treatment for clinically significant diabetic macular oedema  -  green laser distance measurer
Alimactaim: compare the effectiveness of "light" and "classic" laser coagulation in diabetic patients with clinically significant edema (CSMO).
Methods: A prospective randomized pilot clinical trial in which 29 eyes of 24 patients with mild to moderate non-diabetes
Diabetic kidney disease with proliferation (NPDR)
CSMO is randomly divided into "classic" or "light" Nd: YAG 532 nm (
Double frequency)green laser.
The laser treatment of "light" is different from the traditional one (“classic”)
Light coagulation, because the energy used is the lowest energy to produce almost invisible burns at the level of the retinal pigment epithelial.
The main result measurement is a change in the thickness of the central concave retina measured by optical coherent tomography (OCT);
Secondary results were reduction/elimination of edema in contact lenses biomicroscopy and fluorescence angiography, changes in vision, contrast sensitivity, and mean deviation of the Central 10 ° field of vision.
The inspectors covered the patient's treatment.
Results: 14 Eyes were assigned to "classic" and 15 to "light" laser therapy.
12 months, 7 months50%)
Of 14 eyes treated with "classics" and six (43%)
On October, the central concave retinal thickness of 14 eyes treated with "light" laser decreased (
When the hypothesis of the X2 test is not verified, Fisher's exact test is used.
Shapiro-tests the normality of the distribution of continuous variablesWilk test.
Inter-group comparison of continuous variables with t-test or Mann-test
According to Shapiro's test
Wilk test results
Comparison of continuous variables in the group with baseline differences using a paired t-test or Wilcoxon test also depends on Shapiro-
Wilk test results
All analyses were performed using SPSS 11, a statistical software. 1.
Results a total of 29 eyes of 24 patients were randomly divided into "classic" or "light" laser coagulation;
14 Eyes received "classic" laser treatment and 15 Eyes received "light" laser treatment.
Five patients received bilateral treatment and 19 patients received unilateral treatment.
On October, one eye in the "light" group had no data;
Therefore, it was excluded from the data analysis in October.
Table 1 gives the baseline variables for each group.
The system, function and morphological features of the two groups were similar, with no statistical difference.
Table 2 summarizes the results of 12 months in a single patient.
Table 3 compares the results measurements of the two study groups for 3, 6 and 12 months.
For any outcome measurement, no statistically significant differences were found, except for the eye ratio that experienced five or more letter visual gain at 6 months, larger in the "light" group.
In any subsequent visits, the mean FTH of the two groups did not change significantly compared to baseline.
The initial median vision remained unchanged at 12 months in both groups, all at 20/32.
At 3, 6 and 12 months of follow-up, 5 (36%), seven (50%), and seven (50%)
With "classic" and four (29%), six (43%), and six (43%)
In October, the FTH of 14 eyes treated with "light" laser decreased (121:1303–10.
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