light measurement tool the number 1 weight loss tool that i give all my clients

by:UMeasure     2019-07-07
If you worked with meon-You may laugh when you hear me say this.Not only because I have told you that this is your most powerful weight management tool, but also because we re-examine it too many times.I mean: the most important weight loss tool I give to all clients is.
..The scale of hunger!So, what is the hunger scale?Simply put, it is a measuring tool to assess how hungry or full you are.This concept is easily understood by most people.This is a basic 1-What we will review below is Level 10, not rocket science.
The challenge is to stay within the proper limits of hunger.Please keep an eye on this.This is the notorious hungry scalper.You feel sick when you are full.It will be painful to take another bite.Activity is impossible.9-What is disturbing: You feel like you need to relax your clothes.Breathing can be a little uncomfortable.A relaxing walk is feasible but may not happen as it will be uncomfortable.
8-You're just a little uncomfortable.
The food was not as good as when you first started eating.7-Very comfortable: you are satisfied as if you had enough to eat.You may notice that the rhythm of your diet begins to slow.
6-Comfort: you can definitely feel the food in your stomach, but you can still eat more comfortably.5-Neutral: You are no longer hungry, but you are not satisfied.You don't feel the food in your stomach, but you don't feel empty.
4-A little hungry: your stomach feels a little empty or a little yellow.You may notice that your mind begins to think naturally about food.3-Hungry: you don't feel well.Your stomach might roar at you.2-Hungry: You feel very uncomfortable.You may find that you are grumpy and unable to concentrate.
1-You may eat a shoe at this point (joking ).But seriously, you feel desperate when you want to eat.Can be nausea and/or headache.You may even feel weak or dizzy.Where should you be hungry?Ideally, when you are 3 or 4 years old on the hunger scale, you will start eating.
If you wait any longer, your survival instinct will begin to work, and you will pay more attention to your diet and it will become more difficult to make healthy choices.Also, your body should eat when you feel hungry.If you want to lose weight, stop eating when you are 5 or 6 or occasionally 7.
If you are trying to maintain your weight, stop eating when you are 6 or 7 years old.As I mentioned earlier, it is easy to understand the scale of hunger.The scale of hunger implementation may be a considerable challenge for many.
I know I 've been struggling for a long time before I get it down.I mean, it feels good to have another bite of cheesecake...right?Well, maybe for a while, but after 15 minutes, it may not feel very good when you are not feeling well enough.
The next time you can't button your pants, it feels worse
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