left-lane law amounts to double jeopardy for non-speeders - laser range meter

by:UMeasure     2019-10-03
left-lane law amounts to double jeopardy for non-speeders  -  laser range meter
I can understand Kevin Manahan's frustration with people driving at the speed limit on the left side of the multilanelane road.
As he said in his comments on the Star Ledger in February 1, the law stipulates that when riding more
In the driveway, people should be driving in the right lane except by passing another car. Mr.
Manahan, and people with similar ideas in a state similar to the left
The technique, the feeling is imposed by the driver who does not follow the left-lane law.
As a driver who has been trying to comply with the statutory speed limit, I am equally frustrated with those who seem to be arbitrarily violating the speed limit.
In order to make full disclosure, I admit that I have been quoted for violating this law.
As a victim of this process, I have made some reflections on this issue and I ask that we review the effect of this law for the time being.
The obvious intention of the regulation is to promote safety by limiting the temptation of drivers to pass on their rights;
Another violation of motor vehicles
Therefore, the driver can pass through the slower vehicle by using the left lane, but when safe, the driver needs to return to the right lane.
A strict interpretation of the left
The law of lanes suggests that there is a section of Highway 1 with two lanes in each direction, and the left lane should be almost completely empty.
The only person driving in the left lane should be active through someone and when they first return to the right lane they will be expected to fly in front of the vehicle that just passed.
In this case, it is difficult to strictly abide by the law because there is a lot of traffic on this busy route.
This is also dangerous because different drivers have different ideas about how much space they can drive into after they return to the right lane.
On multi-lane roads, some drivers (
Precious minority in New Jersey)
Will enter the left lane to accommodate the combined traffic. They lane-
Just for ease of merging, move while keeping the speed limit.
According to the left-
Lane laws, these considerate drivers may be fined and finedpoint penalty.
If you enter the left lane and legally pass through a slower car, you should wait until there is a traffic outage large enough before you can safely return to the right lane.
If you enter the left lane in order to pass the slower vehicle and there is another right lane
You are overtaking because it is driving below the speed limit. You must make a judgment as to whether you are allowed to stay in the left lane through another vehicle or are asked to return immediately to the right lane.
There is no definition of how large a traffic interruption is enough to require you to return to the right lane, which changes depending on speed;
And the closing rate is not defined (
How fast are you faster than the other car)
So you can stay in the passing lane.
In addition, New Jersey law does not provide for slower cars that exceed the speed limit.
If the driver is driving at 56 mph in the 55 mph area in order to pass the car at 54 mph, then the driver is illegal.
However, if they comply with the speed limit and travel time and distance on the left lane at a speed of 55 miles per hour, more than the slower driver, they may be accused of driving too much time on the left lane
Even if the law provides a clear definition of the requirements for safe passage, I would like to know how he/she should comply unless the driver/she is equipped with laser ranging --finder.
As it stands, drivers are in double danger almost every time they occupy the left lane.
They either exceeded the speed limit or took up the left lane, and there was no clear rule about their request to return to the right lane.
Mr Manahan and others may suggest that these are critical arguments and that "common sense" should apply;
However, common sense is not as common as we would like, and details are important on legal matters.
As far as I know, all the blur on the left
The lane method is generated by a questionable security advantage that reduces the incidence of vehicles with slower traffic on the right side by making it easier for these impatient people to overspeed rather than comply with the speed limit.
The only effect that can be observed is that we make it easier for states and townships to pad coffers by writing more traffic quotes. Mr.
Manahan said the driver should follow the rules on the left
Lane method, leaving the left lane even if the speed limit is observed.
The law supports him at this point, and I certainly agree that the driver should comply with the law.
However, I suggest
Manahan's frustration is due to the fact that a bad law has fueled a sense of wrong rights.
If anyone is considered to have no legal reason to pass on rights, if the law is to ensure that the person on the left lane is required to maintain legal restrictions within the prescribed minimum, then
Manahan and his fellow citizens will not havelegal)
The driver can have a set of clearer regulations to comply with, speed restrictions can be strictly enforced without allowing the driver to be at the mercy of the law enforcement police when he sees fit.
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