laser sensor working are self driving rental cars actually dangerous?

by:UMeasure     2019-06-30
Now, self-driving cars is a real discussion.Some people guarantee that they are the main sustainable development of the car, and that they are the possible answers to widely displayed activities and safety questions in the cutting-edge world.However, according to the current situation, others are even less convinced;While innovation is always evolving, it is clear that we may realize that there is still a long way to go before we are fully prepared to take control of traffic.
The human factor is still crucial to the safety of the General streets, and at what speed the situation will change in the future, it can not be said.Try not to misunderstand the idea, selfDriving car rental app development is an incredible idea, and once innovation is idealized, it will definitely be understood by countless people, and in the long run people don't need to know how to drive a car.At the same time, nevertheless, it is essential to understand all the security opportunities for having and working selfDrive the vehicle at the chance that you intend to do so as soon as possible.
GPSAll accuracy for a selfDriving a car legally explores that internal programming provides some sort of mapping data is fundamental.The data can only be transmitted through GPS, the main problem is the selfdriving cars.Anyone trying to take advantage of GPS is more likely to have an event or two in the event of a map data error;Whether it's an obstacle or a complete non-obstacleExisting streets appear on the guide for unknown reasons, and you usually can't rely on route 100%.
Self problemDriving a car is because it has to choose the option to rely on GPS 100%, which can be very dangerous if the data deviates from the benchmark.It sees through GPS that if it is not on the guide, this barrier will not be seen along these routes-instead, it will go straight through it.Sooner or later, the innovation of traffic signals will be disappointing, and the same will be true of traffic signals.
One question after another is self.
Driving cars depends on these signs absolutely.Google\'s self-Driving the car uses a high-precision map to find the activity light, at which point the camera is facing the activity light to decide whether the car needs to stop or not.If the traffic light does not work, if it is higher or lower than the product expected and the camera is unable to register, or, whether it is possible that there is an unmapped active light that is emitted or emitted, cars will be completely ignored.
Now, this is also unthinkable for a self.
Driving a car to register a human sign means a policeman who replaces a broken traffic light will also be unable to stop it.Hacker self-threatDriving a car works by programming, and programming is hacked.If someone breaks into your email account, you will lose a few passwords, but you may lose your life if the same happens to your car navigation PC.
Hackers become very capable in their field of expertise and their tools are getting better and better, so self-Driving Car organizations should really develop the safety of their products before anyone is protected.Also, it is difficult to find hackers for all intents and purposes, as they often cover behind VPN on PC, which means death penalty is not a decent option either.In the events of selfDriving a car often becomes a clear thing, and in terms of security, navigation programming will reliably become a stage in front of hackers, or fundamentally, everyone will continue to be in danger.
Driver Education since drivingDriving a car is usually a new innovation, and most individuals have not had much contact before, so they should be completely instructed to use the most skilled way to drive a car.Starting today, training for drivers is not as priority as it should be.Manual mode is the basic part of the photo and if the driver needs control, they should make sure they are ready to do it quickly and effectively before someone gets hurt.
For their own safety and the well-being of different drivers, they have to figure out the capacity of the car in any case.However, when the terrible climate may be the most important factor, the climate condition rental software solution has proven itself to be very effective under unsurprising conditions, and all the progress has been considerable.In fact, even those who make themselvesDriving a car is particularly opposed to using it in heavy precipitation and snowfall on the grounds that the level of welfare is basically not enough.
This is largely due to the fact that rain can cause considerable damage to the laser sensor at the top of the car, which is an integral part of calculating the proximity of different vehicles and street obstacles
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