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In the article on the fastest submarine, we point out that it is not important to keep the attack submarine silent.This is another type of vehicle that doesn't need to be too fast and should focus on agile.We are talking about tanks and, surprisingly, they are really fast.
In a conflict scenario, tanks can easily be dropped or airlifted to the conflict area, so arriving at the scene is not necessarily fast.So why talk about speed?There are many reasons for pursuing and catching this, for exampleAlong with the retreating enemy tank, arrive at another point of conflict where the tank was initially deployed, or if this happens, just rush to retreat.Makes sense?So now we know the possible reason why Let's take a look at the speed giants of the military world.
To standardize, I assume there are a few points.We will take all the crawler or replace the crawler.Otherwise, we will have to cross categories such as tanks, tank destroyers, armored crawler cars, etc.Second, we will discuss the maximum speed under standard road conditions, and without this information we will consider the speed details available and mention this specifically.
The numero uno armored vehicle on the list is an amphibious armored vehicle, an 8-by-8 armored vehicle.Super AV is also the latest entrant in the armored vehicle category and is expected to be put into use by the end of 2018.Super AV is expected to replace another amphibious vehicle in the US Navy.the AAV7.Although SuperAV is not a crawler, it replaces another aav7 crawler.AAV7 will appear on this list and the reader will soon know that it is a main force.

Cross-country speed: 60 kilometers [37.
Speed in water: 10 kilometers [6.

There are two differences between Hell Cats on tank destroyers.It is the fastest and second made by Buick.Yes, you heard me wrong.Buick, the carmaker, is the manufacturer of the tank.General Motors's Buick is not particularly known for producing the fastest cars, but when it comes to tanks, it eventually makes the fastest cars.Buick made only one tank model, but it was so fast that its fastest track record remained the same until SuperAV appeared;This is exactly 70 years at the top.By making the tank lighter and lighter means less armor, speed is possible.This is the secret of its speed.

Speed on the road: 96.

Weight: 39,000 (17.

Current status: Retirement in USAS.
Stated in a rough way that MI8 should be a cost-Effective ProjectThe cost of each unit is approximately $60,000, achieving the purpose.What was not expected at the time was how flexible the destroyer would be and did a good job on the battlefield.Compared to any other tank sent by the United States, it has the best damage killing ratioS.In the second world warThis agility played a big role in dealing with German tanks, enabling the M18 to copy German tanks and fire through light armored tanks.
This main battle tank is the nearest one.It has been the fourth-generation combat tank in Russia since 2015 and has been put into production.It exceeds all the other speed records of the main battle tanks of any country that existed before 2015.T-14 was conceived to run counter to American M1 Abrams (which we will soon learn.Russia seems to have built something much better than Abrams, and thus has caused a reaction from the United States to develop their own next --For cans.We will discuss this new American tank at the end.
Tank: T-

The T-It has many of the best features in the world.The muzzle energy of its main gun is considered to be the best in the world, surpassing the former best of the German Leopard 2.Another enhancement is the unmanned turret, which can respond better and faster to changes in the direction of the shooting if needed.In fact, the video shows the movement of the turret.No wonder Americans are a little worried.
This tank or this tracking armored scout was certified as the fastest production tank in 2002.It's understandable that the nearest T-14 will not be rated on speed, and M18 is not a tank.Please keep in mind that all of these we mentioned are different forms of crawler.So, we will still keep our list in the above order and publish the Guinness Book of Records for this particular list.

Speed on the road: 82.23 kmph [51.

Current status: Partially active.
The funny thing is that the vf101 is lighter than the M18 Hell Cat, than the T-But slower than two.Of course, it's a bit unfriendly to the Scorpion because it's more than T-14.
M1 Abrams is one of the main battle tanks of the US Army, and there are not many troops in other countries.It replaced the M60 and started production in 1980 and is still continuing to produce other variants of the original m1.

Speed on the road: 72.
Cross-country speed: 48.

There are two things that stand out in Abrams, and maybe that's why it continues to serve today.It turns off faster than the M18Therefore, road speed is more practical in combat situations.Even though it weighs nearly four times more than the m18, its speed is also impressive and we just talked about it.That means it's good.Armor and the best ammo available.The only point against it is that it may not be as flexible as the M18, but agile is definitely not a major drawback under the conditions in which Abrams operates.
AAV7 is one of the oldest amphibious tanks on our list and has been produced since 1972.What is needed is tanks that can cross the water body during the war, and AAV7 is fully compliant.

Speed on the road: 72.
Off-road speed: 32.
Speed in water: 12.
Weight: 64,108 (29.

AAV7 was part of the war in Vietnam, Iraq and the Persian Gulf.Of course, it is also involved in other activities.Ease of use, especially from the coastline, makes AAV7 a popular choice for Americans.However, its life is coming to an end and will soon be replaced by SuperAV.
The BMP -3. it is a Soviet infantry vehicle. it has some amphibious functions.This is a tank that has been operating since 1987, and it witnessed the Chechen war and the recent civil war in Yemen in 2015.

Tank: BMP -

Speed on the road: 72 kilometers [44.

Speed in water: 10 kilometers [6.
Weight: 41,197 (18.

The German Leopard 2 is one of the best battle tanks built, operating on par with the American M1 Abrams and the British Challenger 2.In fact, compared to the two wells,The best tanks known and operated in the world.The video below shows a comparison between German Leopard 2 and Challenger 2.Be sure to look at your decision.

The leopard's muzzle energy is one of the best of its main guns until T-Took the crown.Tanks starting with Leopard 1 in West Germany started improving with Leopard 2 in united Germany, later for 12 other European countries and 5 non-European countries.Its name has many operational records, while the safety features include one of the strongest armor that can withstand 125mm rounds of shooting at a distance of 1 m.5 km.
The better-The known version of this tracking combat vehicle is CV90-Armadillo.However, mao is not a combat vehicle, but a heavy armored vehicle, which can be converted into ambulances, armored personnel carriers, etc. as needed.So, let's go back to cv90.CV90 is from Sweden and developed by BAE Systems.It was designed for the Swedish army and had to be fully armed, but agile, and carried out-tank and anti-Aircraft operation.CV90 meets the requirements and has been running since 1990.

Speed on the road: 70 kilometers [43.
Cross-country speed: 48.3 kilometres [30 miles/hour] [not available.

Most buyers of the battle-The competent CV 90 is Scandinavian.Although the vehicle was put into production since 1993, its real combat test was carried out during the war in Afghanistan, when it was purchased for war by several NATO countries.It holds its place in the war and continues to function as we speak.
Challenger 2 is equivalent to the English of M1 Abrams.There are very few tanks that have achieved outstanding performance in the battle, and Challenger 2 is one of them.This is an extensive upgrade to Challenger 1 so that there is almost no interchanging component between the two.When it comes to the best armor and protection tanks in the world, Challenger 2 is on the list.

Weight: 137,710 (62.

Please see a video comparison between Leopard 2 and Challenger 2 to learn more about Challenger 2 (the video is shown under Leopard 2 ).
The VN -China claims to be the fastest amphibious assault vehicle in the world.While the speed of "on the road" does not prove that the label is correct, it is the speed in the water, which makes it very fast.The water is 30 kilometers faster than the American AAV7.So on the track with water bodies and dry terrain, VN-Just completed on aav7 on May 18.
Tank: VN -

Speed on the road: 65 kilometers [40.

Speed in water: 30 kilometers [18.
Weight: 58,380 (26.

The reason for its overall speed is many innovative ideas, such as shrinking the wheel track in water, thus reducing resistance.There is the same level of innovation in the arms sector, where China is currently the mother.
Now that we have gone through all the fast tanks available, it is clear that the most updated and modern seems to be T-14.In addition, modifications and changes made on M1 Abrams, the main tank currently active in the United States, are peaking.This means it can't technically upgrade too much here.In addition, NATO allies have their own share of aging tanks such as Leopard 2 and Challenger 2.All of this prompted the United States.S.Look at your own-For cans.
The tank will have state-of-the-art laser range machines, color cameras, advanced weather sensors, integrated onboard networks, and the laser alarm receivers and computer algorithms are very complex, makes the tank almost autonomous in operation.At least conceptually, this tank is expected to be ready by 2021, and until this time we can only guess how it looks or performs;More importantly, how fast it will go for our list.If the speed of T-14 is any sign and then expect this particular model to do a 90-100 kmph.After all, Americans are the fastest M18 made decades ago.Can they do it again?Time will tell.
Watch the following comparison video between M1 Abrams and T-14. one of many such factors leads to this particular futuristic model from Americans.

Tanks will continue to see fundamental improvements from the current generation.Does the fundamental improvement include speed?We don't know, but this article should give readers a good company before we know it.
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