laser navig8r m35 - most accurate laser measure

by:UMeasure     2019-10-15
laser navig8r m35  -  most accurate laser measure
Laser's navigation 8r M35, which claims to use Australia's most accurate map, is the first GPS device developed locally.
Navigation entrance to 8r m35-
The horizontal price point is certainly misleading considering its features: it has locally customized textto-
Voice technology and 4 gb (GB)
Local council map data from all over the country.
Aesthetically, the M35 is pretty good.
There's nothing terrible about the look and feel, but it's not going to be done or designed to compare with some of the more popular GPS brands like TomTom, Navman and Garmin.
The small status light on the right side of the display indicates when the device is charged, while the power button on the top, the SD card slot on the left and the standard mini-
The USB port at the bottom implements a simple chassis design.
Laser claims 3.
5 "The touch screen is"
But direct sunlight will still make the screen difficult to read.
Poor horizontal and vertical viewing angles do not help at this point.
Fortunately, the touch screen is very responsive and you don't have to make a choice too hard;
Type on-
Screen keyboards, however, can be a hot topic.
The interface of the M35 is very similar to its physical design: it is simple but ultimately effective.
There are three selection boxes in the main menu of the map (
View Map, navigate to, and options)
All the menus and boxes are quite self-contained. explanatory.
In addition to searching by address, the M35 allows you to search for points of interest, favorites, and recent locations.
POIs can be found by location, near the current location, or by name.
A very convenient addition to the address search is what the laser calls a "quick step ".
Quick steps allow you to enter the full address on one screen instead of the city, street name and house number on a separate screen.
You only enter the first three letters of the street and the suburbs, and the rest are M35.
Once you have found your destination, you can choose to decide the fastest or shortest route and whether to enable the toll road and speed/red light camera alerts.
You can choose to bypass the barricades or traffic jams during the trip.
The general navigation experience of the M35 is solid, and we have a solid start-up times (
Usually about a minute).
The change time is also quite fast.
One selling point of the M35 is mapping data, which the laser claims shows an accurate outline of each plot in Australia based on the council's land data.
This detail applies to rural and urban areas and is also the reason for a total of 4GB of map data;
Most other GPS devices have around 1gb of data.
Conveniently, Laser also offers a choice of recognizable Australian map styles, including map styles that mirror the UBD and Ausway street directories.
The M35 is also one of Australia's first GPS devices to provide local custom textto-Voice function.
The familiar sounds are certainly a refreshing change compared to the monotonous American and British accents we are used.
The lack of external volume control is a small annoyance;
To adjust the volume, you must navigate to the settings menu.
Red cameras, fixed speed cameras, and school area alerts are included.
The M35 also provides a speedo measuring speed and time and a travel Statistics page showing figures such as average speed and travel distance.
The device is able to upload custom POIs using the navigation 8r website.
In addition to the navigation feature, the M35 includes a multimedia player, an ebook reader, and a photo viewer where files can be played from the SD card.
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