laser measurement of 3-d shape. (plant & equipment). - laser measurement sensor

by:UMeasure     2019-09-30
laser measurement of 3-d shape. (plant & equipment).  -  laser measurement sensor
IVP integrated vision products develop a camera for customers who develop detection devices for various applications.
The Ivp Ranger M50 is designed to measure three-
High speed size shape.
According to the company, the device can be used to collect up to 10,000 three-by using a patented image acquisition method-
Size Distribution per second.
The camera is based on the company's new image sensor, with pixels of 1,536 by 512.
The system consists of a traditional linear laser and a camera that determines the dimensions of three dimensions by means of triangulation.
The laser draws a line on the object, while the camera that observes the line from different angles sees a curve that follows the height profile of the object.
The height of the object is measured as a deviation from the straight line.
When the measured object passes through the laser beam, three
The size image of the entire object is established.
Inside the Amera is a patented image sensor, which uses an integrated microprocessor of 1536, one for each sensor, and the measurement speed is very fast.
IVP Ranger is suitable for food industry applications such as checking the shape of cookies and burgers or the volume of fillets.
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