laser line level the first step to install kitchen cabinets

by:UMeasure     2019-07-09
The first thing you should do before installing the cabinets in the new kitchen is to make sure your level 4 feet is accurate.Ensuring your level is calibrated correctly will ensure accurate installation.My suggestion is that if you have a rental store nearby, go on a trip and rent a laser level at this step of the process.
This will give you the most accurate start.\ R once you have the level set up, you can transfer the laser mark on the wall in the corner of the kitchen and start from there.Now, go to the inside and outside corners of the wall and place a mark where the laser line can be seen on the wall.
\ R use chalk lines in the next step to capture lines between these marks on the wall.The next step is what you should pay attention.You need to make sure you pull the line as tight as you can here.
This line may be sunken in the middle of the wall, which will prevent this from happening.You can go back to the chalk line and make sure they are level by using the laser level again.\ R if you don't have a laser level, level 4 feet can also work here.
However, you need to be extra careful here and pay close attention to the details to make sure the lines you draw are accurate.\ R after determining the high point of the floor, you can continue to draw horizontal lines around the walls.If possible, ask someone else to help you keep the other end of the level, while allowing you to level it and draw a horizontal line along the wall.
\ R after you finish drawing the lines around the kitchen, flip the horizontal end to finish and reverse what you just did.If your level of 4 feet is inaccurate, this is where you can judge.If these lines are matched, then you can rest assured that the level is accurate.
You need to get the exact height if the lines don't match.\ R that's why I suggest you rent a laser level if possible or borrow a laser level from your neighbor.At the beginning of the installation, this will save you some time, but this will be the best way to give you the start of a horizontal line.
This step is like the foundation of any structure or building.This is where you need to pay close attention to the details
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