laser line level install kitchen cabinets - step number one

by:UMeasure     2019-07-09
The first thing you should do before installing the cabinets in the new kitchen is to make sure your level 4 feet is accurate.By doing so, you will ensure the quality and accuracy of the installation.I feel that in order to get the best results, you should travel to the local rental store, rent the laser level of the day and let the installation start at this level.
You will find that when it comes to the horizontal line to start the installation, the laser level will give you the best results.\ R once you have the level set up, you can transfer the laser mark on the wall in the corner of the kitchen and start from there.To establish a reference point, mark the laser line in all the inside and outside corners of the wall.
\ R use chalk lines in the next step to capture lines between these marks on the wall.The next step is what you should pay attention.Tighten the chalk line as much as possible to ensure that the line does not sag in the middle.
By doing so, you will be sure that the line will not bend in the middle of the wall.So, once you capture the lines using a chalk box, go back with a laser and double check your lines.\ R now, if you can't get or rent a laser rating, you can get the same result by using the 4 feet rating.
But you have to draw the horizontal line of level 4 feet very carefully.\ R after finding the high point of the floor, start drawing the horizontal line around the wall.If you have someone to help you with, then I strongly recommend that you let the other person grab the other end while you draw the line.
\ R after you finish drawing the lines around the kitchen, flip the horizontal end to finish and reverse what you just did.If you get to the beginning of the team and they match, you know your level is accurate.The lines match only when you go back to the kitchen in reverse, and the lines are perfectly flat.
If you find that the line is not lined up and your level is not accurate, you need to buy a new one.\ R that's why it's better to use the laser level if possible.At the beginning of the installation, this will save you some time, but this will be the best way to give you the start of a horizontal line.
This step is like the foundation of any structure or building.If this step is not completed correctly, the whole process will be compromised
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