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by:UMeasure     2019-07-06
At present, laser surgery is an effective, fast and safe way to remove glasses or contact lenses permanently because it can correct visual defects.People who perform surgical pre-optimized laser research to see if they can work can use advanced technology and technology to solve their visual defects.Laser is used in Esiris Optilaser, Germany, using floating point technology (flying point) to act on the corneal tissue and shape the corneal curvature depending on the refractive visual defect of the corneal tissue, or as software programming works, can personalize the curvature of the corneaCam (custom ablation queratectommy refraction optimization management) and patient self-Protocol selection, which is called "wave" or spherical treatment of cornea and eye.
Laser technology allows infection-risk surgery, outpatient surgery that takes 15 minutes, and where the patient feels the change, there is no visual defect from the first moment the surgery is completed.The monitoring, care and any necessary medical prescriptions of his eyes are very important to the results, such as laser surgery for submitted visual defects.* Reduced demand for counter* Ability to edit all visual defects.
When they apply anesthetic drops before surgery, the corneal setting is absolutely painless.After doing a corneal setting, you may feel foreign body irritation in your eyes or shed tears within a few hours.This feeling should not be worried, this is normal, may be reduced after a nap, it is normal to feel dry eyes for a few days.
The corneal setting was performed by an eye doctor in charge who had a high cost of surgeryTechnology equipment that can lift the corneal shield, leaving the same exposed tissue.The laser cold pulses, which are then placed in computer-controlled, are then directed to the outer layer of the cornea to be reconfigured to correct the visual defect.Finally, the lid is closed and healed naturally.
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