laser level measurement How to Tell if Floor Tile Is Straight

by:UMeasure     2019-07-17
laser level measurement How to Tell if Floor Tile Is Straight
Uneven walls, jogging and bumpsThe floor of the room can have many different shapes and configurations.Trying to place the tiles parallel to the wall can cause the tile lines to bend.Therefore, in order to ensure that the floor tiles are straight, other more accurate methods are used during layout and installation.Double once the tiles fall offCheck with level and laser measuring tools.When you need to check the flatness of the tile, there are several times during and after the tile installation.The first one happens during the layout of the tile.Since the room is rarely direct at first, don't rely on the landmarks in the room but stick your own guide to the floor.Find the most visible wall of the room and find its center point.Place one end of the chalk line tool at this point, extend the tool directly through the room to the other end, and then capture the chalk line.Find the center point of the intersection Wall and capture the second chalk line at 90-degree angle.Use this grid to align tiled rows to keep their lines straight.While many homeowners consider grouting joints to be the bane of their existence, grouting joints of the appropriate size actually help to keep the tiles straight.Tiles are rarely square and rarely have exactly the same size in one piece of land in one batch.If you dock the tiles with each other, or use too small grouting joints for the tile type, the tiles migrate slowly and deviate from the center to produce uneven lines.The rule of thumb is that the more rural the edge of the tile, the greater the grouting joint it needs to help keep the tile line straight.Before installing the tiles, practice laying the tiles with different sizes of tile joints.Use a T-Make sure the tiles remain straight Square;If the tile deviates from a straight line, you will know if your joint is too small.Once you have installed a few rows of tiles, or you are worried about the installation of the existing floor tiles, the best way to check if the line is straight is to use a laser level or measure the laserThe laser level can perfectly present a straight line every time.To check a row of tiles, align the laser with the grouting joint and point directly to the opposite side of the room.When you check from one end to the other, let the assistant hold the laser.The seams and edges of the tiles should match the right end of the laser;If they don't, the tiles are not straight.In addition to checking that the tile row is straight, make sure that each tile is straight on the tile bed.Tiles that are not set straight may stick a corner over the other tiles, which is called lippage.This happens when the tiles sink too low in one place.It can be corrected by tapping the high area further down the mortar layer, or by prying the tile and adding additional mortar under the tile.To check and make sure that each tile is straight, and to be consistent with the surrounding tiles even when laying, place a height at the top.The tile is straight when the horizontal reading is uniform.
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