laser incidents worry aviation officials - hand held laser meter

by:UMeasure     2020-02-04
laser incidents worry aviation officials  -  hand held laser meter
Federal Aviation Administration officials are concerned that the number of people who aim the laser at the cockpit of the aircraft has increased significantly, saying that strong light will distract the pilots and make them temporarily blind, and led some to give control to their colleagues.
Pilot or stop landing
This year, more than 2,200 incidents have been reported to the Federal Aviation Administration, up from less than 300 in 2005.
California, Texas and Florida have the most records, but the problem is widespread across the country.
There has been no air crash so far, but aviation officials have expressed concern.
"It sounds silly, but it's a serious problem," FAA director Randy Babbit wrote in an article on the department's blog on Wednesday . ".
"We know that laser indicators are an important tool for astronomers and leisure astronomers," Babbit wrote . ".
"But when you light them up in the night sky, we can no longer emphasize the importance of being careful.
"The increase in events coincides with the growth of the handheld laser enthusiast market, and the handheld laser is much more powerful ---
Potential danger-
Than a typical laser pointer.
At the same time, prices are falling.
Lasers that used to cost more than $1,000 can now be purchased online for a few hundred dollars or less.
Some lasers are sold with holsters that can be clipped to the belt, which produces a Gunner-Like appearance.
Earlier this year, Lucas pictures threatened to file a legal lawsuit against a Hong Kong company called evil laser.
A us-based company with a laser handle similar to the lightsaber in the Star Wars movie.
Lucasfilm later gave up the threat.
"The evil laser has defeated the dark forces of George Lucas," the laser company's website boasts.
The American Academy of Ophthalmology issued a statement on September warning parents that new, powerful laser devices can easily cause eye damage and blindness.
The College pointed out a 15-year-
The old boy whose eyes were badly hurt while playing laser in front of the mirror.
It is not necessary to target someone's eyes with a laser to cause damage;
The reflected light can also cause damage.
Laser indicators like the one used by the instructor usually produce about 5 milliwatts of power.
The website of evil laser offers 1,000
Milliwatt handheld laser.
Laser did not respond to email
Mail request for comment.
Dozens of people in the United States and around the world have been arrested for using lasers in the cockpit of the aircraft, usually near the airport during the takeoff and landing of the aircraft.
These are the most critical stages of flight when pilots need to be on top of their guard.
Interfering with air navigation is a federal crime.
Last year, an orange in California
The man was sentenced to 1/2 years in prison for targeting two Boeing planes with a laser, when the plane was about to land at John Wayne Airport.
On August, a police helicopter pilot in Baltimore was temporarily "flashed" by the laser and could not help other police to hunt down the suspects.
When officials on the local surface rushed in to arrest the criminal, the pilot found the house where the beam was located and circled and observed around it.
In the same month, two medical helicopters carried patients in Pittsburgh, including a 5-year-
The old boy injured in the bicycle accident.
There are also lasers in red, blue and purple, but Green is the most obvious in the night sky.
According to Congressional research, the brightness of the green laser is also 35 times higher than the red laser of the same power, because humans are more sensitive to the green light.
On July, a police helicopter pilot in Maryland was briefly blinded by several green lasers while trying to land in Ocean City to pick up a trauma patient, but no one was injured.
This summer, when two Coast Guard helicopters patrolled Los Angeles beaches and ports, the pilot made a preventive landing after being hit by a laser.
Last year, dozens of pilots took off and landed in Seattle.
Takoma International Airport was reportedly hit by a green laser. ------
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