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by:UMeasure     2019-07-10
Today, electronic measuring equipment has become a major tool in the construction industry.By using this equipment, it is easier for the surveyor to determine a particular size...Today, electronic measuring equipment has become a major tool in the construction industry.
It is through the use of such equipment that it is easier for surveyors to determine specific dimensions to ensure that the ongoing construction work is completed correctly.Although the measurement has been around for centuries (both Egyptians and Romans are using it to build roads and buildings (including pyramids) it is actually difficult to determine the exact time it was used for the first time.All the devices used now will be affected by three different components that are able to measure the distance, angle and height of the item.
However, the advantage of all measuring devices, including the electronic version, is that they are able to measure one or more of the components we mentioned earlier.However, because there are so many different devices to choose from, it can become somewhat overwhelming when one has to make a decision on which device they should use, especially if one has limited or no experience in measurement.However, below we provide details of some of the measuring devices that are being used today.
These electronic levels transmit a beam of infrared light invisible to the naked eye, helping to establish a point or known reference elevation for measurement in construction works.There are two different types of electronic levelers that many surveyors are using now, namely, single or rotating beams.The light projected by a single beam can be projected vertically, horizontally or diagonally to another point.
When the rotating beam provides the surveyor with a reference plane covering a specific open area.All of these types of levels are automatically horizontal and will not start working until the instrument is correctly horizontal.In addition, if at any time the level is moved or tapped, the light will automatically turn off and the light will be turned back on only after the equipment has its own level.
The electronic distance measuring instrument, commonly called EDMs, is used to accurately measure the distance between one point and another.This particular electronic measuring device moves from the EDM to the prism placed in another position by measuring the laser, and then returns to the EDM again how long it will take to work.However, before the invention of this particular electronic device, tape or chain was used to accurately measure the distance between two points.
As with all modern electronic measuring devices, they will use a computerized system that will be able to collect and record all the information collected on the spot and then transmit it to the computer and to the printed information.Therefore, this makes the work of the surveyor easier to carry out and will provide them with accurate readings and measurements at any time
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