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  -  laser distance
They look like a strange set of devices, a keyboard, a high-tech tape measure, and a football ball.
However, they all have one thing in common: Bluetooth.
They use Bluetooth to make the device you already have smarter.
Starting with Epipen, it's actually a Veta smart case to help people with serious allergies make sure Epipen is never too far away.
Mike Fisher of otecica Health says it's paired with a smartphone, so kids always carry it with them
If they forget, it will inform mom before they know they have forgotten.
The mother was also notified that the children had left their Epipens.
They can find it, find it, it starts to beep and make a sound.
"It's about $60 next month, and if the case has already started, it can also remind parents, which may mean that their children have a response that requires Epipen.
Wilson launched a Bluetooth phone last year.
Help you to be a better shooter.
Next, a Bluetooth football that makes you a much more efficient quarterback.
Known as Wilson X connected football, it will be out in the fall next season.
The price has not been determined.
All talking about passing, so screw efficiency, how far you throw, how fast you throw, we work with these statistical elements, but we will also gamification it, allen Davenport of Wilson Sporting Goods says a child can compete and play with his friends in the backyard.
Finally, $100, which may be the next tool that must be provided for any DIYer or professional.
Stanley's smart measurement Pro is connected to the back of the smartphone.
It is a combination of laser distance measuring instrument and application that can calculate area, distance, various sizes and store them in one picture, so you can refer to them to calculate how many siding you need, how much paint you need, drywall, says Christine Clark of Stanley blackdecker.
Once you have a photo, you just need to drag your finger to any part of the photo to get those sizes, any size.
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