laser could zap prostate cancer - laser level and measuring device

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laser could zap prostate cancer  -  laser level and measuring device
Perhaps the worst thing about prostate cancer-except that it's a big killer for New Zealand men-is that testing it can be unreliable.
It's also a tricky type of cancer-some men may develop cancer slowly --
There are more and more kinds. They have lived for many years and died for other reasons.
Other men did not have any symptoms-until the day they were diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer that had or was about to spread to other organs.
This is where Professor Cather Simpson and her research team from the University of Auckland come in-they are developing a non-Super invasive
The rapid laser diagnostic tool greatly improves the accuracy of prostate cancer detection.
"This is our goal," said Simpson, founder of the photon factory in the Department of Physics and Chemistry at the University.
"We want to make prostate biopsy more effective and unnecessary.
"In order to understand what she and her team are trying to do, it is first necessary to understand the current issues with prostate cancer diagnosis.
There are two tests in the early stage: digital rectal examination and PSA (
Prostate specific antigenblood test.
The finger test is not reliable, and many people feel that the PSA test is also unreliable.
This is because both tests do not rule out other symptoms such as infection or benign prostate enlargement.
You need a biopsy and/or MRI for reliable testing.
But they are too expensive and too expensive as a screening item.
But if a man's PSA goes up
Means a greater risk of prostate cancer)
He can choose biopsy and/or MRI.
But the tricky question is-if the man's MRI shows cancer in his prostate, he will face a huge gray area and a tough decision.
Surgery and radiotherapy are optional, but there is also the possibility of pain, weakened immune system, the possibility of causing incontinence and possibly killing the sex life of men.
Hormone therapy is another option, but this can affect your personality and have the same effect on sex life as surgery.
Another option is to do nothing-just live a healthy life and monitor it. In 80-
Of those who did not receive treatment for prostate cancer, 90 men did not spread within the first five years of diagnosis.
It is much longer than this for many people.
If it does start to spread, then you register for treatment.
The problem is that prostate cancer is easier to treat and cure before it spreads, and as mentioned earlier, some men have no symptoms at all before reporting pain when urinating-just finding it too late.
Professor Simpson's team is here again.
Dr. Claude aguaré, her leading researcher, came up with a laser device as part of a biopsy.
"If you need a biopsy, the current prostate probe uses the Super
"Said Simpson.
"But the resolution is not very high.
Usually the biopsy will involve 12-
15 tissue fragments, which they then send to the lab to determine if they are cancer.
"We will combine this approach with the laser --
Based on the scanner, it provides better perception and resolution-it will provide higher accuracy in terms of biopsy results.
"This is important because under the current system, even if the biopsy tissue is back to health, because they may have missed some cancer tissue, you still have to go back to the doctor within a year.
"The laser equipment being developed combines high
The speed of the light pulse and sound pulse, but also the use of time as a measure: "This means that we end up with a lot of data-this becomes a big data problem;
We will use algorithms to extract intelligence from these data.
The photon science Simpson and her team used in this project is a very high science.
But their exploration of this complex field has produced two rotations.
A company that commercializes their findings.
One is Engender Technologies Ltd, which uses photon technology to improve, among other things, the sex-by-Sex classification of sperm in the dairy industry (
Effectively manage the gender of the Mavericks)
Orbis Diagnostics Co. , Ltd. analyzed the composition of milk in the milking shed, thus obtaining nutrition and other information, including the discovery of potential problems such as the occurrence of hidden inflammation in cows.
Prostate cancer is the most common disease in men in New Zealand (
Although it's not the biggest killer of lung and bowel cancer).
While this is still the most common report among men over 55 years of age, some studies have shown that the incidence of young men is increasing (
When the cancer is worst).
Therefore, if the laser project proposes an effective diagnostic tool for prostate cancer, this effect can be felt here and around the world.
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