laser area measuring device lidar mapping & its benefits in gis - technology

by:UMeasure     2019-07-03
Lidar mapping has completely changed the field of mapping because it can provide clear and accurate data.This 3D mapping is commonly used by surveying and mapping technicians, GIS professionals, surveyors, planners and engineers.Compared to three similar methods3D data acquisition, quite accurate, cost-Effective and relatively fast.
It is widely used in topographic survey and similar applications.In the map created by lidar, terrain data is collected using the laser installed by the aircraft.These lasers emit thousands of pulses per second, which can effectively measure altitude changes in the range of 6 inch.
It can also measure the distance between the aircraft and the ground fairly precisely, which helps to calculate the time to receive the reflected signal.These laser devices typically point down, which helps to detect the height of the aircraft from the ground, directly below, which allows to cover a large area of land on each channel.The laser can collect more than 1000 feet kilometers of information from 2000 feet above sea level.
During the 12-hour measurement, you can cover an area of about 400 square miles, with millions of reference points at sea level.Compared with traditional measurement methods, 3D map creation based on lidar is much faster.This is why Lidar contour mapping almost replaces traditional methods.
It is much faster than using an electronic version or measuring station of the old surveyor's means of transport.Because lidar instruments mainly collect data about elevations, these tools are used with GPS services to more accurately correlate locations and elevations, which is why GPA instruments are installed on aircraft.The data is stored in a file format with three coordinates \ "x, y, z.
\ "X refers to the longitude line, Y refers to latitude, and Z refers to altitude.After collecting data from an aircraft, process it into a computerized layout called a digital elevation model or DEM.It helps to draw lines that outline or have connection points of the same elevation.
These maps also includeSuch as roads, lakes or buildings.This mapping is not notable and does not require an additional step on the terrain being measured.With this technology, people can even penetrate the ground cover plants and thick forest crowns, which makes it an ideal choice for forest areas.
So far, we already know the effectiveness and accuracy of this technology.Now let's take a look at some of the advantages of lidar.Lidar uses active lighting sensors to help collect data day and night.
This is very beneficial compared to other traditional photographic techniques.It can also be integrated with other types of data resources.With these advantages, this technology is bringing revolutionary changes to the surveying and mapping industry.
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