land surveying - types and methods - laser area measuring device

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land surveying - types and methods  -  laser area measuring device
Land surveying is a field of study in which surveyors use many different types and methods.
This paper provides a basic understanding of the main types of investigations.
There are many types of land measurement that are used for different purposes, using different techniques.
The archaeological field survey is an assessment of archaeological sites or discoveries, where the site or location of the discovery is drawn in the landscape.
Laser measurement can produce a 3D computer model of the workpiece.
Another type of survey is the as built survey.
These are used in construction projects, or once completed.
It will evaluate the location of the build element and usually draw red or red lines on the overlay.
The completion measurement is layered on the original design plan to easily compare the construction progress.
The water depth measurement will map the seabed of the ocean, lake, river or other body of water.
Bahymetric measurements are used to measure the depth below sea level at certain points, while hypsome measurements are used to measure the height of land above sea level.
Their depth measurements may be done by using sound measurements such as sonar and global positioning (GPS)
This position will be measured on the Earth's surface.
The boundary investigation will determine the legal boundary of the land.
The boundary survey will identify the corners of the park and may involve setting up or repairing monuments or markers to mark those boundaries.
Deformation measurements are used to check and measure changes.
They use other technologies such as Earth survey devices, geotechnical survey devices and radar measurement devices.
Deformation can be applied to dams, roads, mines, settlements, or volcanoes, all of which can be measured by this measurement.
Laser scanning is a method to achieve accurate measurement of deformation.
Engineering measurements can be done using terrain, layout, or-
But more detailed data.
These can be implemented in a number of ways, including laser measurement.
In order to collect the location data of the building foundation, a basic survey was conducted.
These surveys were used to assess whether they laid the foundation in the depth and location of the plan.
Geological Survey is a general record of the important geological features of a region.
This is a generic term that can describe other types of investigations.
A map of the coastline and sea floor is drawn for navigation and engineering.
Building measurement or building measurement
Building measurement is a type of measurement and is a general term for the measurement that is described for the development of a building plan.
Measurement can be done using any measurement method, or laser measurement can be included.
The mortgage survey is also called a physical survey.
They are used to determine the land boundary and the location of the building.
Sometimes, one of these investigations may be required before a lender approves a mortgage.
People who buy new homes often use structural surveys.
Structural measurements check the structural stability of buildings or structures and will document their condition and the work that may need to be done.
Topography marks the elevation of the land and presents these points as contour lines.
These can be done in a number of ways, including triangulation and laser measurement techniques, and may or may not include surface features such as trees and plants.
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