land survey equipment - electronic laser measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-09-04
land survey equipment  -  electronic laser measuring device
Human beings have been using tools to measure and maintain their borders since the ancient civilizations of miso, Egypt and Rome, and to separate themselves from their neighbors.
While the use of these tools had almost disappeared in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance had renewed interest and demand for tools to investigate and package the surrounding land.
Many of the tools still used today are similar to those used to map and investigate the original settlements in the United States.
However, we are at the dawn of a new era in which technologies that have not been radically changed in the last few hundred years are being introduced into the computer era, this will only make human estimates more accurate than before.
In its earliest form, one of the main tools for conducting land surveys is a chain (
Sometimes called gun bracelet)
Of a particular length.
These chains will be tightened to improve accuracy and try to maintain the measurement level.
With the introduction of the surveyor's compass and photoelectric meter and other equipment, the measurement accuracy has made a leap.
The compasses or compasses of the surveyor consist of brass compasses and compasses;
There is a compass on the circle.
It is used to measure the horizontal angle.
Horizontal and vertical angles can be measured simultaneously.
Due to the high precision, by the beginning of 1800, the photoelectric Compass was the preferred tool among surveyors across Europe.
However, due to its large size, the surveyor's compass is still used in wooded areas, leading to its re-popularity during the American colonial period.
Despite the more complex versions, station gauges were still used in simple measurements until the 1990 s, as well as other devices that improved accuracy.
Recently, with the increase of electronic distance measuring devices (EDM), modern electronic devices have been improved in optical motors;
These tools are called the terminus.
In a very short period of time, the entire station has changed from mechanical/electronic equipment to pure electronic systems with on-board computers and software.
GPS has also entered the field of land surveys, with steady growth in knowledge and use in the private sector.
However, for land measurements, they are not always as accurate as the surveyor would like them to be.
Although the GPS system improves the measurement speed, its horizontal accuracy is only 20mm, and the vertical accuracy is only about 30mm.
In addition, the GPS system does not work properly in wooded areas.
In many cases, the surveyor will still rely on its main station along with other equipment such as the laser scanner.
If the budget is large enough, helicopters equipped with GPS systems can verify the survey results on the ground.
While the technology used by land surveyors has changed dramatically and improved over the past 25 years, even the most advanced technology can only do so.
Land surveying is still an art, and the expertise of surveyors cannot be replaced by technology.
The surveyor must use the technical and historical information at hand to investigate and infer the real boundaries of any property.
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