kim jong un visits glass factory once suspected of producing military equipment, report says - digital measuring equipment

by:UMeasure     2019-10-28
kim jong un visits glass factory once suspected of producing military equipment, report says  -  digital measuring equipment
On Sunday, Mr. Kim visited a glass factory suspected of producing military equipment. A few days ago, North Korea announced the test of a "newly developed ultra-modern tactical weapon ".
Yonhap news agency quoted North Korea's Central News Agency as saying that the North Korean tyrant conducted "on-the-spot guidance" at the Taegwan Glass Factory in North Ping 'an Province ".
While emphasizing modern production, Kim praised the "perfect" glassware and optical instruments.
"Noting that the world is changing and developing rapidly, he called for steady efforts to put the overall production process of the plant and the process of inspecting the goods on a modern basis and to introduce newer technologies, not satisfied with the current success, thus producing better optical glass and measuring equipment, "Chao Zhongshe said in a statement.
Other officials scrawled the information on the notepad, and Kim Jong Il joined --
The standard scenario when the tyrant conducts on-site instruction at the factory.
On the North Korean side, kim jong un on Sunday conducted a new "ultra-modern tactical weapon" test at the glass factory, his first visit since 2014.
The factory was previously suspected of producing military footage.
On Friday, North Korea announced the test of a mysterious "newly developed ultra-modern tactical weapon" supervised by Kim Jong Il ".
The details of the weapon it tested were not announced, nor where it was tested.
The DPRK-China News Agency said Kim Jong Il was "very satisfied" with the "country"of-the-
It is the weapon of "building an invincible defense line in our country and enhancing the fighting capacity of our People's Army.
The move was made in the non-nuclear negotiations between the United States and the European Union. S.
North Korea is deadlocked.
This is the first time that Kim Jong Il has publicly known the weapons test site inspection since he observed the test of huashong.
According to the Unification Ministry, the November 2017 ICBM.
Lucia sang of Fox News contributed to the report.
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