kate steinle trial: police testify bullet ricocheted, killed woman in san francisco - straight line laser

by:UMeasure     2020-03-12
kate steinle trial: police testify bullet ricocheted, killed woman in san francisco  -  straight line laser
On the fifth day of San Francisco's trial of homeless illegal immigrants accused of killing Kate steinler, a police witness explained the trajectory of the deadly bullet after a week of dramatic testimony.
A retired police investigator testified on Monday that the bullet that killed steinler triggered a national debate about illegal immigration, which was about 100 feet away from the ground and then hit her
Former police officer John Evans said that four days after he and other investigators dealing with the case were shot and killed by an deported Mexican national, Steller, found a "five times" on the concrete surface of the pier
The prosecutor charged Jose Ine Garcia Salat with murder, claiming that he intended to shoot a pedestrian on the dock on July 1, 2015.
Garcia Salat's lawyer said the bomb-hopping incident showed that the shooting was accidental.
Evans, who later retired from the department, said investigators ignored 32-year-
Old Stanney was killed.
Four days later, he said, authorities returned to the popular dock after finding the bullet parts flat, indicating that the bullet had bounced back.
Evans also testified that inexperienced shooters often shake and fire in a hurry, causing the barrel to point down.
He called it "pulling the trigger ".
Defense lawyer Matt Gonzalez called this aspect of Evans's analysis "highly speculative" and the two argued over whether the footage went straight, which would support the prosecution's argument, garcia Salat shot the gun before shooting.
Evans lost the ball at the crossroads.
He had no idea where Garcia Salat was sitting while the gun was firing, or where Stan was standing when he was hit.
The retired officer said he drew a circle around blood spots and the blood clothes of Steinle, where witnesses placed Garcia Salat.
Evans said he used the laser indicator to create a straight line between two circles and between passing through the strike mark.
Thursday's testimony came from a government employee whose gun was stolen and used during the shooting.
Land Authority agent John Woychowski told the jury that he parked his car where he thought it was safe and left a black backpack in the back seat with his loaded weapons.
He said the car was locked with an alarm clock and colored windows.
When his family came back from dinner, he said that the window of his car had been broken and the backpack had disappeared.
He said he immediately reported the theft to 911 and his employer.
Kate steinler's trial featured the testimony of the agent, and his stolen gun was used for shooting. The prosecution took out a P239 weapon as evidence, which vasikowski confirmed, adding that he had never had trouble. Gonzalez cross-
Checked the agent and focused mainly on why he would have a loaded gun if the agent got off work
Why did he leave it in the car?
Woychowski said he was asked to load the weapons in a specific way and reiterated his belief that the car was safe.
He said he always put his backpack on his body to protect his family.
He added that his employer had issued a locking device for the gun, but he did not have it on that day and that the gun was not externally safe.
A few days before the court included the testimony of the witnesses on site and the responding officer handling the evidence and investigation.
Garcia Salat, 54, admitted to shooting Stan Le, but said it was an accident.
Prosecutors and Gonzalez say the case comes down to whether Garcia Salat deliberately pointed out and shot or fired weapons accidentally.
The court panted because the video taken by Kate steinler was played for Jali steinler's father, who testified last week at the beginning of the trial that, before her death,
The prosecution said it was her last sentence.
While Garcia Salat's immigration status has made the case a national focus, jurors will not hear evidence in this regard and will not be a factor in the trial.
During Donald Trump's run for president, Stan's death became an iconic issue for him.
He called for a wall to be built along the Mexican border and for increased deportation and the fight against illegal immigrants to invoke the killings.
San Francisco is a sanctuary where local law enforcement officials ban cooperation with federal immigration authorities.
President Trump has threatened to stop federal funding for cities with similar immigration policies.
Fox News's Michael Lunding and The Associated Press in San Francisco contributed to the report.
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