japan's new sushi-delivering robots are super cute - sensor laser

by:UMeasure     2020-03-27
japan\'s new sushi-delivering robots are super cute  -  sensor laser
In the latest version of "The future is here", Japan has launched a shiny new robot to offer sushi to hungry Tokyo --ites.
ZMP, Tokyo Robotics Co.
The express delivery service, which takes express delivery to build a driverless CarriRo Express vehicle, will start testing operations this month.
The bright red CarriRo, with a height of about 1 m, is equipped with laser sensors and cameras to enable it to walk safely on the bustling streets of Tokyo (
Although remote control is also possible.
Each of them can carry enough food to meet the needs of 60 people and, most importantly, they are really cute.
CarriRo is the latest announcement of a series of meetings between robotics and the food delivery industry.
In 2016, the fast-food chain Domino tried to use robots to deliver pizza at about 20 km per hour in Brisbane, while food --
Last year, delivery robots were also put into trial operation on the streets of London.
Just this year, Starship Technologies launched robot delivery startup DoorDash in Silicon Valley. Should bike-
Riding pizza deliverers and Uber Food drivers worried about their work, and it seems like a logical step forward in terms of efficiency, at least in Australia, turning to robots --
Manned vehicles may be temporarily closed.
In addition to the actual problem (anti-
Collision technology must be close-
What happens when the robot hits the stairs)
We suspect that local and state governments may have more than a few questions to ask before the delivery robot becomes a familiar sight on our streets.
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