israel's ancient rebel caves, a hidden adventure - best laser measure

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israel\'s ancient rebel caves, a hidden adventure  -  best laser measure
JERUSALEM (Reuters)-
To enjoy one of the most extreme but little-known archaeological wonders of the Holy Land, you need a headlamp, a tight waist, and don't be afraid of the darkness.
Still, even with proper equipment and gut tenacity, it's easy to lose your cool when you climb over the vast ancient tunnel system dug by Jewish rebels to fight the Roman Empire.
Hundreds of hideouts, from a few metres deep to seemingly endless mazes, are popular among Israeli archaeologists and adventurers.
But the underground maze, which dates back to the first century BC, was barely known to foreigners.
Even if you look for them as designed, they are easily missed.
These systems often arrive through the trap gates of Jewish villages, some of which are now archaeological sites, and others have been completely destroyed.
Today they may just be a fuzzy shoulder
Open width on ground or hillside.
You may have to crawl on the court, or even slide for a few minutes --black burrow —
It was too crowded for a heavily armed Roman Legion.
Turns can be tight and you may have to go back to a place where you can flip from head to foot in order to continue.
Your headlights will illuminate the niches where the oil lamps have been placed and other carvings in the rocks.
All of a sudden, you may come to a spacious niche with hundreds of holes on the wall that were used to raise pigeons, or maybe a well-decorated storage room.
From there, the system may extend in different directions to give people an idea of how the Jewish rebels lived and fought in two revolts against the Romans --
About 70 AD, the Great Temple was destroyed in Jerusalem, and decades later, under the leadership of legendary leader Bar Kochba.
"Crawling in a hidden complex is a thrill.
We always look forward to unexpected things, "said Amos Frumkin, professor of geography at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who is the head of the school's Cave Research Department.
For decades, he and his team have been exploring and mapping systems for new discoveries, spending many days underground every year.
They found ancient weapons, trap doors, and olive machines in the investigation.
Their findings are published in a vague magazine called "Niqrot Zurim" or "caves in rocks.
"The foothills around the ancient city of Beit gufflin in Jerusalem are like an ant farm, best telling the story of guerrilla tactics used in the Kochba rebellion in the bar.
The rebel tactics worked for a while, but the Romans finally defeated them.
Earlier, caves were found in places north of the river of Galilee, and a few months ago, team members were summoned to explore a tunnel system.
Archaeologists have discovered what they think is standard 8. meter-
But it was later found to have narrow crawling space on the bottom.
The team stepped there at a lower level, in the first batch of 2,000.
With metal detectors and laser meters, they spent hours drawing a small part of the tunnel.
The researchers also mapped many nearby cave hideouts, located on the edge of the cliff of Mount Abel, overlooking the sea of California.
In his writings, Roman historian Joseph described how the king of Healy had removed his men from the cliff and put down the boxes, and came to the cave, surpassing the rebels with fire.
It's easy to get lost in these underground mazes.
Only a few are good.
Marking and maintenance, it is better to hire a guide to take you around.
With proper climbing equipment, very brave and experienced people can push back deeper if they encounter huge underground reservoirs and rooms.
"Unfortunately, these tunnels are amazing secrets that tourists don't know," said Asael Lavi, an experienced tour guide . ".
"It is possible to crawl all day or two in different systems and experience the fears, sorrows and even excitement that the rebels must feel.
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