invasive crabs to baseball stat simulators: monmouth u. program covered all the bases - laser level distance meter

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invasive crabs to baseball stat simulators: monmouth u. program covered all the bases  -  laser level distance meter
Xilong branch-
Some students spend their summer vacation on the Jersey coast and do something that makes Snoopy and the situation proud.
But there are other people who spend their free time at work, which may make others proud.
Monmouth University ended its summer research program at the School of Science on Thursday, holding a seminar showcasing research programs for 96 students from New Jersey and beyond.
These students were selected from more than 250 applicants from all over the country.
The weekly program, during which students work on collaborative research projects under the supervision of teachers at the University of Monmouth.
These projects are developed by faculty across multiple disciplines such as biology, chemistry, computer science and software engineering, mathematics and marine science.
"What you see in the diversity of the project reflects the field of research interest for faculty members at the Faculty of Science at the University of Monmouth," said John Ironman, faculty mentor and dean of the faculty of temporary Sciences.
"These are research projects that they have set up specifically for the summer, or a continuation of the teacher research they have conducted throughout the year.
"However, Tiedemann says the student is the one who applies for the program every year.
"These students are really taking the initiative to say that this summer they are getting a part of it, not just going out to play --
On the beach, they want to take advantage of an opportunity to do research, perhaps in areas they consider for careers or graduate schools, to figure out what they like or don't like, "he said.
Some projects address broader issues such as cancer and cloning, while others target New Jersey and its shores.
Old Bridge resident Christine jizky and Taylor Donovan, a resident of the town of Cambridge, studied
Sandy floods in Keensburg.
They went to 20 different places across the autonomous city, looking for high
Hurricane Sandy left water marks on some buildings.
They measured how high the mark was with a laser level and then nailed the plaque to a nearby telegraph pole to record how high the water level was in these areas.
"I think it's very important for people to realize what's going on and what might happen again," Donovan said . ".
"They need to know that they are in the flood zone and be prepared for any future events.
"Student researchers say they are still surprised by the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.
"You can still see that there are still clear water marks on the sides of some buildings, as well as shops and businesses that are still blocked.
"There is a restaurant where if you look from the window you can see that all the chairs and tables are still on the floor and everything is still a mess," said Jezycki . ".
"So it's terrible to see that there's still a lot of damage after three years.
"Students from the University of Monmouth, Kylie Johnson, Jeff Webb, and Christine Lantz, conducted a study to see if the invading Asian coast crabs were expanding up the Bay of barrichart. "In 2013, (researchers)
Only crabs were found in one of the three locations.
This year, we found them in all three locations, "said Johnson of Jefferson town.
"So now we're monitoring it.
The students said: "The increase in the number of these crabs may have a damaging effect on Barnegat Bay.
"This could endanger the ecology of the bay, because it is clear that they do not belong there and may start replacing native species such as green crabs and mud crabs," Webb said . " Linden.
"Since there is nothing to kill them, they will go beyond the area and start creating problems in the Bay.
"You don't have to be a science enthusiast to discover that one of the interesting research projects is a computer program that tries to predict the results of a baseball game.
Statistical simulator
This is by Reed Cooper, Philip di Marco, Mary munggs, Nicholas-
Jason Roch, Zhu Cheng, Swatana godpizati-
Use the actual Batting, Pitching, and defensive Major League Baseball Stats for the 2014 season to simulate the results of the game, "to make everything you need to use randomness work fine.
However, this randomness must also be weighted according to the statistics of each player.
Since none of the two games are similar, we allow users to view previously run simulations so they can go back and see what the results are, "said Cooper of Medford.
"I don't want to see anyone using it for gambling right now, but you can use it for gambling once math gets involved.
"Many students say they are happy to take part in the program instead of choosing the summer vacation ".
"I think it's great to be able to work closely with the professor.
"I am something that someone from other schools may not have the opportunity to do," said Jezycki . ".
"So I think this project may make a difference for me in the future.
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