instruments. - laser distance meter 100m

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instruments.  -  laser distance meter 100m
Compact, heavy duty, non-ultrasonic measurement
The contact industrial ultrasonic measurement system has a patented very concentrated narrow beam angle, with only 2.
According to the company, the deviation from the central axis is 5 degrees to obtain the best operational measurement reliability without interference from different temperature layers, steam, condensation and dust. The ST-
270 SonicLaser ultrasonic sensors use echo pulse technology to measure round-trip timeof-
In almost any industry, the flight of acoustic transmission reflected from the surface of a liquid, slurry, particle or freely flowing powder.
It is said that its concentrated narrow beam angle can ensure a stronger return echo, thus improving performance and accuracy.
It is said that the narrow beam of the sensor also allows the installation of the sensor as low as 8 inch from the nearest side wall for maintenance-
Free to run in the 16 feet range without construction interference-
The wall or any other false echo, according to the manufacturer.
Sensor works in temperature range40 [degrees]F to +212 [degrees]F. (
HiTech Technologies, r o.
Case 535, Newtown, PA 18940-0535)
The circle on the card laser level 73 high penetration non
Contact pulse laser distance monitor can be used in cases where there is or is not a reflector and is said to be ideal for measuring powder and bulk materials in smaller silos, in very low visibility conditions, garbage bins or cans of opaque liquids and materials in pressure vessels or silos. The user-
Friendly non-high performancecontact LD90-
The range of the 50hip pulse laser distance monitor is 330. (100m)
It is said to be more economical and less functional than other laser distance monitors in the company's product line.
It is said that its Grade I rating makes it ideal for smaller silos, bins or storage tanks. The LD90-
According to the manufacturer, the 50hip has a very narrow measuring beam that is able to work in dusty, foggy, or humid environments and overcomes those associated with material bending or bumps(
Riegl laser measuring system, 8516 Garden Road, Old Winter.
Suite 101, Orlando, FL 32835)
74-turn model Cam on the card contact Kinker-
The 12 contact angle measuring instrument is designed to measure the contact angle reading of the wafer and the base plate with a diameter of up to 8. The CAM-
12 is equipped with three independent platforms measuring 4, 6 and 8. The CAM-
12 wafer and substrate allowing analysis of contact angle 360 [degrees]
Around the edges of 4 ", 6" and 8 "wafers or substrates.
It is said that this contact angle meter provides maximum simplicity when used in wafer manufacturers for coating, etching analysis and anti-photoresist.
Thins instruments are designed for quick and error
Free measurement. (
Kernco instruments, 420 Kenazo Avenue.
El Paso, Texas 7992 7)
It is said that the 75-turn portable thermometer kit temperature measurement on the card is simple, fast and accurate by EZ-EZ
Portable fire detector kit for probe.
According to the manufacturer, this complete suite allows users to monitor the temperature of countless applications without the need for expensive equipment. The EZ-
Probe mounted on a highimpact, alloy-
Plastic case with 1/2 high bright LCD, running for more than 3,000 hours on a 9 volt battery. The EZ-
Probe measurement temperature range from-30 [degrees]to +1,800 [degrees]F.
The company has over 10,000 quality guaranteed surface, immersion, insertion and air sensor styles to choose from. (
Laboratory of electronic development, EDL tools and molds, Dr. Auckland 244
, Danville, VA 24540)
The 76-ring rubber plastic measurement fast plastic gauge on the card is designed to measure the plastic properties of natural or uncured composite rubber according to international standards.
The P14 model, which will be sold under the Cogenix brand, is designed with a "C" framework to provide operators with safe and convenient access when loading and removing samples between heating platforms, according to the companyStart-
According to the manufacturer, the up instruction is provided in sequence on the instrument display panel, allowing the operator to perform the calibration procedure quickly in order to prepare the instrument for sample testing in seconds. (H. W. Wallace & Co. , Ltd. , 172 St. James's Rd.
Croydon CR9 2 hours UK)
77 laps on non-cards
Self-contact sensorHigh Contentspeed, non-contact, laser-
Sensors based on industrial measurement have been dedicated to many on-or off-
Production line applications in rubber and related industries.
They are said to be high in terms of performance, reliability and repeatability.
Optimized for reflection measurements on rubber surfaces from dark to dark, it is said that class ii sls 2000 visible lasers are easy to interface with the control system, it also has a robust sensor design suitable for most rubber industrial environments.
Other benefits of it are said to include fast, accurate and repeatable measurement data capabilities, flexible measurement ranges and brackets
According to the manufacturer, it has a unique dynamic feedback loop.
It is said that the function allows for accurate measurement without regard to color, ambient light changes, changes in object reflection speed, material temperature or general plant environmental conditions.
Applications include measurement of splicing offset and overlap, radial and lateral operation-
Green tires, inspection of tire side walls, measurement of total thickness of products, inspection of rubber plate joints, etc.
It is also said to introduce green rubber. (
LMIs Selcom, 21654 Mel-
Ross, Nantian, MI 48075)
The 900 series high-speed infrared thermometers are used in the tire industry, aircraft engine testing and racing market.
The 900 series extends its high-speed sensor technology to high-speed sensors with longer wavelengths.
The 900/LW type infrared contactless sensor provides a response time of 6 ms and allows for a small target spot size at a long distance for automatic temperature sensing.
High speed non-900/LW
Contact infrared sensor provides 30 [temperature range]degrees]C and up.
The advantage of this model, according to the company, is its long-wavelength operation, making it less susceptible to outside energy, reflections and the sun. (
Irtrooper instruments, 132 Lin Avenue.
Aldsley, New York 10502)
The circle 79 Collie mass flowmeter on the card mass flowmeter, with an adjustment range of 100:1, is said to be very suitable for the compounding of rubber and elastic products.
According to the company, the flowmeter is capable of reproducible and accurate measurement of viscous fluid, emulsion and slurry with viscosity of 1 million cP.
It is said that the lower speed requirements of the flowmeter can save energy from the lower pressure drop and the lower pump horsepower requirements.
Patented dual omega-sensor
According to the company, the formed flowmeter is more sensitive than the traditional mass flowmeter, providing greater mechanical gain. (
Schlumberger, 1310 Emerald Road.
, Greenwood, SC 29646-8800)
80 laps on the card rubber hardness tester. Cogenix series hardness tester provides software support.
DCS software can be used in conjunction with H12 type micro-hardness meter, H14 constant load hardness meter, h103 Shaw A hardness meter, all designed to comply with international standards for rubber and elastomer testing. A Windows-
Package Control instruments based on package, allowing the export of data to most commercial spreadsheets, word processors, and databases.
Password protection, sample and operator data fields are available to users-
The data report of the defined doors and marks.
According to the company, the statistical package contains a powerful graphical report generator that can display test results in line, point or bar format in an automatic or manual zoom.
The menu options include an average maximum.
/Minute, standard deviation. (H. W. Wallace & Co. , Ltd. , 172 St. James's Rd.
Croydon CR9 2 hours UK)
Ci3000 xenon weather-81 laps on card vaporizer
The accelerated aging and light resistance test meter has a state-of-the-
According to the company, art Microprocessor controllers and complex temperature, control systems exceed today's performance standards and provide accurate, repeatable and repeatable test results.
It is said to provide state-of-the-art test functions in instruments with smaller capacity, and it is said to be an economic solution to meet testing and budget requirements.
With menu-
Ci3000 weather-drive LCD control panel
It is said that Ometer provides simple and accurate test programming and operation.
It is said that based on operator interface can simplified Test start
Improved diagnosis, automatic calibration, and simple programming for users
The test cycle defined.
12 pre-CPU storage-
Programming Tests and five custom test programs. (
Atlas electrical equipment, 4114 N. Ravenswood Ave.
Chicago, IL 60613)
82-turn durable, compact, heavy on the card ultrasonic level sensor
Working and economical single-bar vibration liquid level sensors are available in a variety of configurations and use ultrasonic piezoelectric sensors
Ceramic technology for measuring the best performance, reliability and accuracy of carbon black or any type of powder or granular material in the following temperature range40 [degrees]F (-40 [degrees]C)to 320 [degrees]F (160 [degrees]C)
According to the company.
The Nivocont RK-
200 ultrasonic vibration liquid level switch
Clean by vibration, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance.
The switch has four single bars, heavy-duty-
According to the manufacturer, the work configuration, all configurations are equipped with a compact vibrating assembly polished with 316 stainless steel titanium to ensure durability and performance.
According to the version used, the sensor is installed vertically or horizontally.
Standard RK
200 The unit is designed for side mounting in the container.
It is said that the accuracy of the vertically installed sensor is 1. 0 in. (25. 4 mm)
For horizontally mounted sensors, the accuracy is said to be [+ or -]0. 5 in. ([+ or -]12. 7 mm). (
Po, HiTech Technologies
Case 535, Newtown, PA 18940-0535)
It is said that the card thermometer calibration accuracy, speed and accuracy for instant temperature inspection for countless industrial or laboratory applications is 83 turns
Temperature thermometer with calibration test circuit. The Dyna-
The temperature range of the temperature thermometer is from-280 [degrees]to +2,000 [degrees]F.
Dynamic accuracy
The temperature thermometer can be verified at any time by using its own touch button
Test the diagnostic circuit.
It is said that using a bright LCD with a height of 1/2, all temperature readings are easy to see.
Solid housing for power-Temp is powder-
Not plastic, but aluminum. (
Laboratory of electronic development, EDL tools and molds, Dr. Auckland 244
, Danville, VA 24540)
The circle 84 temperature sensor on the card mixer the rubber compound mixer temperature sensor is said to be the most commonly used sensor in the mixing of rubber compounds and Other Grinding substances.
These mixers are often referred to as internal mixers and can be used to measure composite temperatures using either a thermocouple or a thermal resistor.
All sensors are individually tested to meet or exceed the industry time response Test standard.
Sensors can be ordered in a hard way
Chrome tip, or with XH-
It is said that the tip of the coating provides greater wear resistance and wear resistance.
These sensors are installed using a notch configuration.
There are several combinations. (
5211 Industrial Road. , Ft.
Wayne in 46825)
The 85-turn industrial measurement sensor on the card is two non-contact laser-
The company has introduced sensors based on industrial measurement.
Sensors include Class ii sls 2000, which is a series of low-costHigh Content
Designed for many on-or off-
Line rubber and related industry applications that require high performance, reliability and repeatability, according to the company.
Also introduced a mini
LSH series sensors (
Laser sensing head)2401.
Other sensors offered by the company include the heavy 5000 and SLS 6000 series heavy-duty-
Working sensors, SPS 2301 profile sensors and LBS (
Beam sensor). (
LMIs Selcom, Melrose Ave 21654.
Southfield, MI 48075)
Circle 86 Model K-On the card digital tachometer-
3000 digital tachometer/length meter combine the tachometer system with the length meter into one multipleFunction system.
This model provides links and non-
According to the manufacturer, the contact measurement function can handle all rpm, surface speed and length measurement requirements. The Model K-
3000 has the following measurement range: rpm from 1.
00 to 99,999 rpm (non-contact)and 1.
00 to 19,999 rpm (contact);
Surface speed of 0.
30 to 6,500 feet/minute, 0.
10 to 1,999/minute, 4.
0 to 78,000 inch/minute;
And length measurement 0.
01 to 99,999 feet, 0.
02 to 99,999 and 1.
0 to 99,999 inch.
In addition to the function as a tachometer, K-
3000 can also be used to measure the cumulative total amount of continuously running materials wrapped on the wire shaft, or to check on-line calibration
Line counter and accumulator equipment. (
Kernco instruments, 420 Kenazo Avenue.
El Paso, Texas 79927)
Card ultrasonic distance sensor round 87
S is designed by a company engineer to directly convert the material position or diameter to analog signal or contact output to control the tension, speed or movement of the mesh, cable and wire.
According to the manufacturer, the sensor can provide direct position or size input for motion control or plc and provide contact closure for limit conditions or full air conditions.
It is said that the price and maintenance of Ultras sensors are very competitive. free. (
Senix, 52 Maple Street
Bristol VT 05443)
9000vsa automatic solid analyzer automatically performs nitrogen and/or sulfur analysis on solid samples up to 500 mg, providing results within 8 minutes, according to the companyIts built-
In the turbo sampling system, it is said that it can be analyzed quickly, allowing for higher concentration of analysis, and allowing a larger sample size because the sample is quickly and completely burned.
According to the manufacturer, the unique vertical direction of the 9000vsa allows the use of a gravity autosampler and consumes less Workbench space than a horizontal instrument.
It is said that by eliminating repetitive tasks introduced by manual samples, excellent repeatability and increased productivity can be provided. The easy-to-
The load automatic sampler is customized by the company-
Design software.
Running parameters (i. e.
, Temperature programming, ramp rate and time, etc. )
Can be stored and called as needed.
It is said that the system is an ideal choice for automated olefin additives (
Slippery, antioxidant, etc. )
Plastic, resin, etc. (
Total sulfur, 300 Bammel Field Road.
Houston, Texas 77090-3533)
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