install meters on buses to curb speeding - digital distance meter

by:UMeasure     2019-09-24
install meters on buses to curb speeding  -  digital distance meter
Small buses used to be cheap, fast, but dangerous means of transport in Hong Kong.
Because each driver has its own "kpi"-fast driving, fast profit (money)
-They drive at extremely fast speed and often end up in the worst accidents.
Following strong public protests, the Hong Kong government introduced a regulation requiring buses to install a large "digital meter" in prominent locations in their cars ".
When the driver exceeds the speed limit, the commuter can see clearly and call the hotline to report the driver and he will be severely punished.
As an ordinary long
Away from the instructor user, I am on many of the drivers speeding in any weather.
The government should consider asking local bus companies to install similar digital meters not only in the car, but also in the car.
Highway users can then help by taking photos of the speeding bus and sending them to the police.
More responsible coach drivers will make the road safer.
This meter has proved effective in Hong Kong and I hope that the road transport sector will also consider implementing this measure before more people are killed.
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