ibm infoprint 1422 printer - office value and functionality - handheld measurement device

by:UMeasure     2019-10-23
ibm infoprint 1422 printer - office value and functionality  -  handheld measurement device
Printers are the backbone of modern business working groups.
It is necessary to have a printer that can handle complex work quickly.
Your work standards are high, so you need a printer that is consistent with these standards.
Infoprint 1422 IBM printers meet your standards efficiently and cost-effectively.
It contains the function of using InfoPrint 1422 ink and toner (
Http: an attractive laser monochrome printer weighing only 31 lbs. 5 lbs.
The Infoprint 1422 printer will be installed directly in an office with limited space.
It is only 16 "wide x 16. 7" deep x 10. 2" high.
It has three models.
In addition to the basic model, there are 1422d duplex models and 1422dn Duplex/network models.
This is a quick print unit that can generate up to 32 pages per minute of printing speed.
The time on the first page is very reasonable for 8 seconds.
The maximum resolution of 1,200 dpi produces very clear and readable text.
It is equipped with a powerful 366 MHz processor.
32mb of RAM is installed and 288 MB can be added and 1422 has enough memory.
Obviously, it's a small, solid printer.
This is a low-cost printer.
It has a small footprint closed paper drawer.
This is a high-performance device that is ideal for smaller working spaces.
This black and white laser printer offers a variety of resolution settings.
The 366 MHz processor can handle complex work quickly.
With an efficient and reliable reputation, you can easily handle your information processing needs with this machine.
With this device, you can take full advantage of mobile computing and wireless technology.
It uses Bluetooth technology to control printing through personal computers, mobile phones or handheld devices.
This is a huge productivity booster in itself.
It uses the latest technology to make it a 21 st century printer.
The customer requires versatility and flexibility with standard data streams including PCL 6, PostScript 3, and PPDS.
It also includes Optra forms, bar codes, ImageQuick, decryption, and IPDS application solutions.
With enough input and output capabilities, you will be happy with the results.
It can handle various media types and paper types.
It features versatility and flexibility to handle the most complex print jobs.
Cartridges can be purchased online.
Maintenance is not a problem.
It has built-in cost-saving features such as a level 10 print dark setting that saves up to 50% of toner.
The IBM Infoprint 1422 printer is equipped with the ability to increase productivity while reducing costs.
You can adjust the resolution and replace the hue with IBM's InfoPrint (
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