iâx80x99ve got your missing links right here (1 october 2011) - laser pointer measuring device

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iâx80x99ve got your missing links right here (1 october 2011)  -  laser pointer measuring device
Top picksthe chirurgeon â x80 x99 s Apprentice: â x80 x9c A specialized for terrorist of pre-
Anesthesia surgery
This is a great place.
Happy Anniversary of Jennifer Olette and Sean Carroll: read her lovely tribute to falling in love with a physicist.
Emma Maris, who cloned the extinct animal.
I personally want to see the military knife-
Teeth cat devours ground sloth.
David Robson recorded a brief history from the first neurons to the human brain.
Simon Frantz's new blog about prizes and prize coverage.
It should be good, especially when Simon worked for the Nobel Foundation. What? Huh? Wait. . how did. . UH?
What happens when Slinky falls?
Apparently this.
If you don't use it to build things, what's the use of the kit?
Reverse exploration by Jack Horner --
Design Dinosaur paper-
Based on diagnostic tests, it is as small as a stamp and weighs less than pennyGauging, measuring the biodiversity of a region strictly by the DNA in the dirt.
Greg Dunn created Japanese.
Style painting from photos of human brain cells: a great list of tips to avoid garbagesaid-she-
It's very good to say that journalismA
Research on rebuilding what people see from brain activity.
Meanwhile, David Bradley asked the researchers some search questions and got some good answers.
Volkswagen released a detailed and comprehensive profile of Felisa Wolfe
Simon, the scientist behind arsenic Frost last year
Life dispute.
David Dobbs and Carl Zimmer expressed my concerns better than I could.
They argued separately that the article ignored the key details, ignored the news duties, and, in some places, completely ignored history.
2011 IgNobel award reported by SciCurious, live story! !
The only way is to bypass the stage of eating people.
The little shark born in the artificial uterus: Emily Anthes's animal prosthetic innovation word with the followingup on her blog.
The dinosaur Baron of the transivanat robot got the digital small brain.
The story of Linda Gladys is incredible.
Carl zimmerler's Atlas of the human ecosystem is a problem, and when you start with the birds you like, Robert cruerwich goes deep into the minds of those who deny the climate
The neurosurgeon thanked his science teacher.
Science/News/writing the most expensive drug in the world: stealing $409,500/yr from Kangaroo's blood, a new weapon for possible anti-drugs
It's a real scientific debate, it's not a manufacturing controversy.
Faster John Butterworth is said to bethan-
If the failure rate of your funding program is zero, you are wrong.
Goat and cancer
Try not to smoke, drink, eat, or have unprotected sex with goats, OK?
Watch the prostate surgery robot peel the grape skin. Cool.
Now imagine that it will do harm to your prostate. NYEARGH.
Why does the brain scanner spin your head, what does that mean for MRI scan research? I'm a koala and listen to me saying the political correctness of the barbecue the dark ones threaten the Christian era or why the Daily Mail is once again surpassing itself.
It should be possible to kill 2020 of the soup of the ocean (
Technically, if not actually)
After decades of research, we can now accurately measure 1 kg of the human genome sequence. (It weighs 2. 2 pounds, right? )Are slave-
Raid ants are really slaves. raiders?
Carl Zimmer asked skunks if he smelled himself? Do they mind?
The answer seems to be yes and yes.
The device uses sunlight to tear water molecules apart, just like synthetic leaves.
One notable case is that sharks that avoid predators in fish rush into a shoal, and it's clear that NASA has a Congress --
Find legal targets for more than 90% of the planet
Kill asteroids
It has now provided new evidence for * functional * plant RNA in the blood of people and cows.
This is such an amazing story.
The terminal hum created and treated the bats with their hunting mice.
Well, there's no real treatment.
Anyway, the money from the rat research committee is really valuable.
You can adopt a HeroRAT of your own.
In Thailand, giant mice are on their way to sniff out mines.
We need a more systematic approach to animal experiments.
External sequencing for $999!
Historically, the main way to consider the role of scientific journalists is to see them as translators or distributors of information.
Now, however, a strong metaphor for understanding their work as a science critic is to treat them as cartoonists and guides.
You need to change the color mentally.
If it's green, it's actually yellow.
The color of the beetle that has been preserved for millions of years.
How the failure of measles has helped eliminate the aversion to climate change.
But if adventurers sip champagne after arriving in Antarctica,K. to cheer.
No, it's not.
Hit their smug face.
Oh, mine. Porcupine, Tiger and snake eagle.
There are 10 camera traps in the jungle, 1 mth lens, 5 minute edit video.
The weasel defeated the monkey while copying Shakespeare.
Bbc Khan's amateur scientist, Razib Khan, has been searching for the past 100,000 years of competition in human history.
Traces of the missing language and digital system were found on the northern coast of perluhe/Wow/huhummingbird smugglers, and his pants were trapped on the baby panda. That is all.
A great warning sign for the Twitter generation is the most interesting subway map in the world.
While my idea of New York's map being more famous than the one shown in London to peel garlic heads in less than 10 seconds is very controversial, Dolphin scraps are fully disclosed: I am reviewing the book, because the publisher asked me to do so. .
I'm glad I didn't pay for it. This is a building that looks like a pierced avatar, an interesting slate about working as a fact --
Check the sexual prompt of Cosmopolitan. Heh.
Almost all handwritten manuscripts of the Baroque Cycle (
Pen tip and ink bottle)
The British Wildlife Photography Award is 2011 'you' re a total of Bursh snakes.
It is possible to use a common name as an insult.
What did they eat?
Some unfortunate vet X-
Rays, including a dog that eats dinosaurs, the British mean RT @ NeilWithers: @ carlzimmerâ long exposure photos taken from the front of the Tokyo train due to facebook's new features, it has undergone profound changes.
Internet/news/social world's first iPhone 5 review. Sort of.
George monbildt revealed his salary and asked all journalists to do the same. Hmm.
The amount seems completely irrelevant;
What is important is its source.
The author is more interested in whether he loves her than if she loves him.
This ongoing treatment by Rebecca Watson is shocking.
Shrapnel, Leotard, Maverick, boycott and cardigan and others who became noons. Journalists can do more to understand and communicate the process and discovery of science, and everyone will live better.
Andy Revkin found reliable sources in an era of too much information.
It's disgusting to read the Daily Mail, but what to write for them? âx80x9cCopy.
You were hit by a green laser.
Wow, it's really not a good idea to point a laser pointer in the sky to be a better writer Megan Garber: google News sees the will of news orgs as the carrier of the online trustA network infrastructure for journalists, Paul BradshawData journalism, 1821 style.
If so, then this is a tool that will allow you to automate the Internet.
From religion to trend, from trend to infrastructure.
Open access and internet as vandals.
How scientists view facts
Examination of scientific writers?
A related article from Ananyo Bhattacharya and another related article from Al Dove, where I have had a long discussion.
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