huntingdon's christmas lights are turned on - laser light measurement

by:UMeasure     2019-09-10
huntingdon\'s christmas lights are turned on  -  laser light measurement
Hundreds of people gathered on the market Hill in Huntington for the annual ceremony to celebrate the lighting of the town's Christmas lights.
Mayor Cllr Daryl Brown, along with Santa Claus, started the traditional lighting countdown on the balcony of the town hall.
The crowd near the town hall was also given a layer of snow as the snow machine started running from the upper windows of the town hall, covering the Christmas tree that decorated the building with festive glaze.
There is a spectacular laser show in the town hall that lights up the historic buildings around the market square.
There is also a small bazaar and charity booth for the audience to enjoy.
St. Ives chose to turn on the Christmas lights on the same day and have activities in the city center during the day.
Towns and towns in the area are continuing to open their lighting, with a ceremony held on November 27 by Saint-NIOT from noon to six o'clock P. M.
The lights will continue at five o'clock P. M. , followed by the fireworks final.
The ceremony of Ramsey was held on November 26, and the day and evening entertainment activities began on the 5 th. 30pm.
The light will be on at 6. 30pm.
December 2 is the day when the lights are turned on in goldmanchester, Christmas markets and ceremonies start at five o'clock P. M-8pm.
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