how virtual crime scenes work - laser distance meter accuracy

by:UMeasure     2019-12-06
how virtual crime scenes work  -  laser distance meter accuracy
The first scene of a virtual crime was created in a computer model.
Investigators made careful measurements at the crime scene, including the dimensions of the site itself and the relationship between all objects on the site.
For example, at the murder scene of a house, an investigator measured the size of the room, the location of the body, and any other relevant information, such as the location of the weapon or blood.
Usually, investigators use a laser length meter or a terminal (
Tools for surveyors)
Ensure accurate measurement.
Crime photographers took photos of the scene from multiple angles.
After the initial crime scene investigation, the investigator returned to the police station.
At the station, a computer operator enters the measurement data collected by the investigator into a computer program.
Then the program presents three
Dimension space using this information.
Some projects require human intervention to make the space accurate-
A special method requires the programmer to manually adjust the height of the room.
Computer-aided design for programmers (CAD)
Program for adjusting computer models, making furniture, or inserting body graphics.
Some early programs also include a common object library, such as a filing cabinet or desk, to make the process faster and therefore cost less.
Time and money are two of the biggest obstacles to making a virtual crime scene a useful tool.
Early programs require a very skilled computer programmer or graphic designer to make the environment convincing enough to be useful and immersive ---
In other words, they don't give the audience a sense of presence in a virtual scene.
The police force needs a software with a learning curve that is less steep and the process is as automated as possible.
Today, some software companies offer products that automatically build rooms based on basic measurements or two measurements
Floor plan of the room.
Most of these programs also include a wide range of objects and textures (Overlay Graphics)
Library that allows users to customize the virtual environment and make it as accurate as possible to represent the real crime scene.
Most of these programs can even include the flight path of the bullet (
Determined by investigators using standard forensics techniques).
The advantage of the improved virtual environment is that once rendered, users can now view the scene from any angle, including advantageous locations that are difficult to access from the real world.
By looking at the scene from different angles, investigators have more information that can help them to accurately determine the course of events at the crime scene.
Some programs also allow users to add animations that allow investigators to look at their theories in actual operation.
If the program supports video output like a header-
Installed on the display, the user can experience a strong sense of immersion, which can help the witness recall more details, and can also let the investigators check the line of sight.
But there are shortcomings in the modern virtual environment.
The biggest drawback is the need for an employee with enough technical minds to participate in the project ---
Even with programs that automatically build environments, users often need to make adjustments.
Another drawback is that the virtual environment is rarely a perfect copy of a real crime scene.
As a result, investigators or witnesses may be distracted by imperfect simulations and miss important details.
In the next section, we will discuss different ways to build a virtual crime scene.
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