how to replace external entrapment protection sensors for garage doors - laser length measurement sensor

by:UMeasure     2019-08-21
how to replace external entrapment protection sensors for garage doors  -  laser length measurement sensor
One of the main features you want to always be in good repair condition is the external trap protection system.
These systems have many different forms, such as laser sensors and photoelectric eyes, and their job is to make sure that the door reverses when an object enters its path.
These sensors can be damaged and worn over time and need to be replaced immediately.
Because they are just small plastic boxes, you don't usually know them, just throw them out with a small kick, and they don't react very well to temperature changes.
Since they are the main defensive measures you are stuck under your garage door, especially if you have pets or children, they need to be replaced immediately when you notice that they are no longer working.
To make a replacement, you will need the following: you can purchase a good set of sensors at your local hardware store or consult your local garage door service provider.
In doing any electrical work, make sure you turn off the power of that part of the House and mark the box with a note that says you are doing this.
If you do not know which circuit breaker leads to the garage, please turn off the main circuit breaker.
You are trying to improve the safety of your home rather than getting electrocuted to death, so be careful to choose the house you feel more comfortable.
Find the wire that connects the sensor to its power supply.
Cut them off with your PIN and clip them loose.
Unscrew the fastener and remove the sensor.
Repeat the process on the other side of the garage door.
Now install the new sensor in exactly the same position as the old one.
Do this only by sight;
You adjust later.
To make sure you can adjust the sensor easily and quickly, please do not tighten it completely.
Now connect the wire to the electrical feed using the electrical connector.
Screw the wires in place so they don't loose.
Upon completion, cover the joiners to ensure that they are not tampered with and that the child's curiosity is not aroused.
Repeat the process on the other side of the garage door.
Now we have to align the sensors to make sure they work properly in series.
Tie the wire or rope to the top of the sensor.
Stretch the power cord to the length of the garage door and place it on the top of another sensor.
Make sure the rope is tight and tape it down.
Set your level on the taught rope.
Levels should tell you if your sensors are at levels with each other.
If you find that the bubbles do not hit the dead center in the level, adjust the sensors until they reach the level completely.
It is usually easier to measure one sensor to a height of about 6 inch from the floor and adjust the other sensor to that height.
Do not measure each sensor separately, as your garage floor may not be completely flat.
Once the sensors are fully balanced with each other, tighten them.
Re-adjust the string and test the level again.
Once you have the sensors installed, you need to give them a test run.
Turn the power of the garage back on.
Close the garage door using the remote control.
When the door extends down about half, place the hand between the sensors.
The door should fall right away.
If not, you need to turn off the power and make further adjustments.
This is a fairly simple installation and should not take a long time.
In fact, the most time you spend in the process is adjusting the sensor.
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