how to paint stripes - best laser line level

by:UMeasure     2019-08-25
how to paint stripes  -  best laser line level
Painted stripes are a popular artificial finish for a variety of internal settings.
Stripes are versatile, ranging in size from fine stripes to 6 "wide or larger stripes.
The soft, almost single-tone stripes look elegant, just like the shiny stripes made of varnish of different colors or paint.
Arrange your striped stripe room in the same way as hanging wallpaper.
From the inconspicuous corner, from that point on, walk around the room.
After you circle around the room, your starting point will be your end point.
The easy way to size the stripes is to do this in the standard masking tape width.
I often do 2 "stripes, which is the standard width of masking tape.
The number of colors you can make stripes in two, three or more colors, but if you are new to stripe technology, I would recommend two colors.
The stripes in both colors are done by first applying the wall as a whole to one of your stripe colors, then masking and painting to get the second stripe.
Actually, if you are painting 2 "stripes, you will paint your room in the first stripe color and apply masking tape every 2" intervals (
A sentence on how to shield a straight line-see below)
In the whole room.
Once the masking tape is in place, you can paint the wall again in the second stripe color.
After completing each part or each wall, remove the masking tape to reveal the stripes of both colors.
Shield the suede tape you have to use easy-to-release blue tape for your stripes.
Good tape for stripes is 3m 2080 blue tape, a smooth, easy to release tape that can get clean lines with minimal bleeding under the tape.
Rub the edges of the tape to make sure the paint does not bleed under a good tight bond.
When removing the tape, gently pull from the surface at a 45 degree angle.
How to lie down in the best way
Or maybe the easiest way I should say is to use the laser level.
Center horizontally, correctly horizontal, align the tape with a vertical laser line, move the laser level down the wall when you are working in the room. .
Not everyone has a laser level and for those who don't have a laser level, the 4' bubble type level works fine.
If you use a standard bubble height, you need to put a pencil mark on the wall to arrange the tape.
Keep the pencil marks light and don't cover them with tape when you drop the tape.
Keep in mind that when the tape is down, whether the marks will be displayed and they will be painted.
If the mark is not displayed (
Because the tape is covered)
Then you don't draw on the mark and they show up when you remove the tape.
Reasonable expectations with the appearance of stripes, you can get some stripes at the edge of the tape, especially if you apply a thick layer of paint or a variety of coatings for your stripes.
When repainting on the road, you may need to do some sanding or skim coating with spackle to smooth any paint spine so they don't appear in the next layer of paint.
Like removing the wallpaper, some artificial finishes may require some extra surface preparation when need to be rearranged.
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