how to measure your bra size - times of india - buy digital measuring tape

by:UMeasure     2019-12-28
how to measure your bra size - times of india  -  buy digital measuring tape
Do you know that wearing the wrong underwear will ruin your clothes?
When it comes to bras, many women end up wearing inappropriate sizes.
Bras should not be loose as they will put your breasts down and should not be tight enough to put your ribs in a lethal grip. An ill-
Not only does the fitted bra look inferior, it will ruin your look.
Nowadays, there are experts in most underwear stores that can help you find the right size bra.
However, if you are still confused about how to find the right size or want to shop online, we will provide you with insurance.
With these simple tips, you can do everything yourself.
Follow in our footstepsby-
Step guide, ready to measure yourself: Step 1-
Measure the strap size: simply, the strap size refers to the size of the bra you should buy.
Stand straight so your back and shoulders are upright.
You shouldn't hold your breath or push your chest out.
Now use a tape measure around your ribs, right under your breasts, and the bra brand is there.
Make sure the tape does not have a title when measuring.
If the measurement is even, add 4 to the number, and if the measurement is odd, add 5 to the number.
For example: If 28 "is displayed on the tape measure add 4, this means that your bra size is 32.
But if the tape measure shows 29 add 5, this makes your bra size 34. Step 2-
Measure the size of the Cup: to know the size of the cup, stand straight and place the tape in the most complete part of the breast.
Once you get the size, subtract the belt size from the cup size.
Example: Step 1-
Your band size is 28 4 = 32Step 2-
The size of your cup is 34-
32 = 2 this means that your size is 34BDifferent Cup Size0-1 inch AA1-2 inches A2-3 inches B3-4 inches C4-5 inches D5-
6 inch E or DD6-
7 inch F or DDD or EE7-
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