how to calculate chest size - buy digital measuring tape

by:UMeasure     2019-12-24
how to calculate chest size  -  buy digital measuring tape
You don't need to be a competitive bodybuilder to care about your chest size.
Although you may have apps, charts, or laptops to track your workout results, there is a simple
Fi solution: a good old-
Old tape measure.
Not just giving you the right to brag, tracking your chest measurements is a quick, easy and effective way to monitor the specific results of your workout plan.
If you are interested in fashion, it will definitely not hurt the fit of your clothes.
How do you measure whether you are a man or a girl, so do you measure your chest.
Pick up the flexible tape measure (
Like the tailor), wear form-
Try on clothes and recruit friends for the most accurate results.
How to: Stand straight in a relaxed posture and let your arms hang naturally on both sides of you.
Remain neutral;
Don't bend your back, bend your chest, or blow out your chest.
The tape measure should run in horizontal lines at the maximum part of the chest, usually aligned with the nipple.
Place the tape high on the underarm and back and cross the shoulder.
It is OK to lift the arm when placing the tape, but when measurement is required, put the arm down.
Once the tape is in place, make sure the tape is comfortable but not too tight and you have measured the chest.
For women: Pec exercise and measurement if you're a woman who tracks chest measurements, chances are you'll run into a common debate: Will pecs work increase your breast size?
Because women's breasts are made up of skin and fat tissue. not muscle —
The answer is No.
However, women have the same potential chest muscles as men, and exercising them may have an improvement depending on your genetic tendency. Because chest-
Focus and other exercises help improve posture and measuring the chest is still a viable way to track results.
Read more: Doing chest exercises at home to measure a woman's chest doesn't make much sense if you don't record results for offspring.
If you cannot accurately compare your past and present statistics, you will not collect specific information about the effectiveness of your treatment plan.
If you're not pad-and-
Enter with the free smartphone app (
Even photos)
Your results, put them in your pocket for the sake of comparison.
If you have your own tracking or measurement tips, please share and share them freely in the comments below.
Because, at the end of the day, teamwork is the ultimate fitness app.
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