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home register web search:  grandpa could fix anything. a lot of us are still trying. previous article back to the top next article home register web search:  -  best laser line level
There's always been a lot of do-it-
In order to avoid paying professional fees, you handle the person who repairs the house yourself.
Many homeowners paint, wire, plumbing and carpentry on weekends because they love the challenge and sense of achievement.
Wandering around the house for a few hours is pure healing.
For millions of others, sweat equity pays off by nurturing small investments in modest housing into retirement nests. These days, D-I-
Y is not necessarily easier than before--
Houses and appliances are usually more complex than in the past.
But there is more material to choose fromto-
Assembly kit, more convenient tools and a large number of tools
Ask for help from magazines, books, TV and the Internet.
"There is a considerable prosperity in the family --
"Improving activities," said Brett Martin, spokesman for the National Association for reshaping industries (NARI)
Headquartered in Alexandria.
According to NARI and other industry organizations,it-
Both you and the contractor are spending more. I-
Of the $1 out of 5 per year spent on house repairs and improvements, Yers now accounts for nearly 150 billion.
Enthusiasm for doingit-
As the economy and society change, you will also fluctuate.
The early American colonists first imported glass, nails and other manufactured goods, and later finally began to make their own.
If you want to find a place to sleep, you must know how to build your own house.
Until the turn of the century, it was normal for many Americans to chop firewood, pump wells and build furniture.
Gradually, the machine takes over the work that people always do with their hands, allowing homeowners to repair where they can be after hard work.
Magazines such as "beautiful house and better house and garden" began to take home
Product advertising for consumers rather than merchants.
During the Great Depression-
From the recession since then-
As homeowners deal with the work they may have paid to contractors during the flush period, interest in doing it on their own has surged.
Increase the ownership of the House and the first house
Improved loans--
The newly established Federal Housing Authority paid $1934 (125)FHA)
For a Minnesota who needs to repair the roof, install the water tank and paint the house ---
Make more people interested in the family
Improve skills.
Now, FHA is low-
Mortgage rates for housing.
But between 1934 and 1937, one out of every eight American homeowners has FHA Housing --
Improve loans.
The average amount of about $400 is used for some very basic improvements: $1940S.
The census found that 31% of American households do not have running water, 35% do not have a toilet bowl, and 44% do not have a bathtub.
One of the most comprehensive ways to do things yourself was initiated by Frank W.
One of Sears's managers, koshir, was supposed to shut down this unprofitable building --materials mail-order division.
Instead, he seized the opportunity to rebuild his business with 22 sets of pre-sale homes priced from $650 to $2,500.
In addition to the foundation, the package includes all materials, even nails.
Many buyers subcontracted the excavation and masonry works and then assembled the remaining 25 tons of materials themselves.
They can handle the work even before the power tools are widely used, as each part of the house is pre-measured and pre-cut.
Between 1908 and 1940, the Sears series develops into houses that include 450 architectural details representing every twist of mainstream architecture in the United States.
More than 100,000 pounds were sold and there is still a lot today.
World War II brought about a shortage of consumer goods, but when soldiers came home from the war (
Women from war factories go home)
VA mortgage and real estate boom in do-it-yourself. A standard 40-
Working hours a week for the weekend fix two full days leftit warriors.
Popular Journal of Mechanics-by-
Help step projects that attract 250,000 new users in a year.
In 1951, beautiful home and garden published the best-selling book of handyman.
Business week claims that this is "do-it-yourself.
"The oil shortage in the 1970 s once again triggered D-I-
Y activities, Energy for insulation, caulking and installation of homeowner
Efficient appliances. Today, most D-I-
Yers still buy their repair and improvement supplies from a single source-Family Center.
Two of the most successful chain stores, Lloyd's and Home Depot, have not started much and have grown in size and quantity at an alarming rate.
Fifty-four years ago, Lao started as a hardware company in North wilkborough, North Carolina. Then C. H.
Buchan bought his partner and brother. in-James Lowe.
It's the 18 th of the country.
The largest retailer, with 589 stores and more than 100,000 employees in 39 states, has annual sales of more than $15 billion.
Some stores have 150,000 square feet of retail space with over 40,000 homes in stock
Special Improvement Project
Order another 400,000 programs.
The First Home Depot store opened in Atlanta in 1979.
They were linked to Treasure Island stores and stored about 25,000 products.
Within five years,
Mature stores in Georgia, Florida, Louis Anna, Texas, and Alabama.
Home Depot is the largest home depot in the world.
Import retailer, with nearly 1,000 stores in the United States and Canada, Puerto Rico and Chile, employs more than 200,000 people and has annual sales of nearly $40 billion.
105,000 to 115,000 square feet of retail space plus 15,000-to 25,000-square-
Walking garden center with 40,000 to 50,000 building materials in stock
Improvements to lawn and garden supplies.
The company is currently carrying out an expansion plan to nearly double the number of stores in the next three years.
While the first home Center offers basic building materials and limited tools, they now carry almost everythingit-yourselfers (
And most contractors)could need.
As the store changes, inventory on the shelves of these stores has also changed, with tools moving from manual to electric, wired to cordless, lighter in weight and easier to use, especially for women.
Many new products are aimed at newbies, who have started their first attempt at tile foyer, connecting cabinet hardware or installing a bay window.
Some of the biggest changes have taken place in the tool department.
In Sears, for example, many stores now have an area called the tool area where you can try out drill bits and saws from competing brands.
This innovation enables customers to discover first
Make some of the most beneficial design changes in the basic tools.
On the drill bit, for example, the invention of the keyless chuck saves hours of frustration, which allows you to connect the drill bit by hand. Although air-
Electric tools have only made modest progress in home stores, they have added business capabilities to many toolsto projects.
Starting with the compressor and air hose, you can operate many different types of tool heads, from paint sprayers and socket wrenches to Sanders and DingTalk.
The latest innovation is the use of some guessing tools (and errors)
Outside of the project, such as emitting visible beams and rotating laser line levels, so that you can accurately mark any horizontal position.
Some models emit multiple beams to handle simultaneous vertical, square and horizontal marking up to 150 feet m away.
Previous business
The price of tariff tools has dropped (under $200)
That makes them finally on the edge of home use. Many over-the-
Anti-power tools have become so reliable that NASA, which used to design and manufacture its own tools, now uses many inventory tools in space. Another high-
Technology development is a software designed to draw decks or lay out new kitchen cabinets.
Click the mouse to change the color of the paint, try the wallpaper, rearrange the furniture. Do-it-
You have never been so good yourself. Once a male-
Leading the field, do-it-
Now your own industry is targeting millions of women.
According to the Census Bureau, almost 60% of single women now have their own homes. How-
Programs broadcast on radio and television tend to have equal proportions of men and women in the audience.
According to Home Depot, 50% of customers are women.
A recent survey commissioned by the chain found that 37% of women said they were more willing to use their leisure time on weekends to work at home --
Better items than shopping.
The most popular jobs are painting, gardening and wallpaper, followed by floor laying, installation of ceiling fans and lighting, and installation of window treatments. Fifty-
4% of women say they are currently planning a family.
In contrast, the proportion of men in the improvement program was 51%.
With the changes in what we buy and where we buy, the advice on where we get how to use it has also changed. Most D-I-
Yers needs practical help, that kind-on-one hand-
We used to shop at nearby hardware stores and lumberjacks.
Now that mammoth home center has swallowed up many local shops, it's hard for someone to tell you what kind of caulking agent to use around the tub.
Many chain stores are trying to improve customer service by providing the following services
Shop clinic, help with decor, computer-
Auxiliary design and other practical suggestions.
In Home Depot's customer survey of female clients, most said they would check with family or friends first before dealing with inexperienced projects.
But 68% said
Improving the store is the next best place to ask for help, with large retailers ranked higher than magazines, books or the Internet. How-
Books have always been the main source of step-by-step advice.
Magazines can help you zoom in on specific items with pictures
Header sequences, but the situations they show usually do not match the ones you are facing.
This means that you often have to fill in a lot of blanks.
How is the actual disconnect-
Television programs.
Performance is often more interesting than teaching.
You can see the deck rise in the 30 minute edited video tape and get a lot of good ideas.
But when the sub-assembly of the stairs starts with the string already in place, the viewing does not translate into viewing.
A new wave of consultation on the Internet.
Enter a few keywords--
Cold pipe leaking from roof-
You will be overwhelmed by information websites.
Most people have something to sell.
However, more and more commercial websites have realized that advertising alone cannot prevent people from clicking; do-it-
You will help yourself.
How are big manufacturers in every field now?
Online Service--
Maybe it's a charge.
Free line as backup.
Industry associations have joined.
National Association of oak flooring manufacturers (www. nofma. org)
For example, provide information about new products, tools, assessments, grading, buyer's guide, and graphic guides for finishing hardwood floors.
Association of asphalt roofing manufacturers (www. asphaltroofing. org)
Various types and uses of roof materials are detailed.
You could be a modern D-I-
People who like to shop online for products and suggestions, or accept more limited selection of traditionalists in exchange for knowledge services in local stores.
No matter what you do, you will find that doing it yourself can pay off in terms of increased household assets and satisfaction with repairs and improvements yourself.
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